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On A Night Like This
Album: Light Years
Year: 2000

Kylie Minogue shares a romantic evening with her crush in the vibrant "On A Night Like This."

Charming synths open the single, setting an entranced tone. Over it, a background singer repeats "on a" about six times. Kylie whispers "kiss me, touch me." In the first verse, her crush has said that the night is only a fluke. Things will return to the way they were the next morning. She tells him all their long talks and shy smiles have led them to this wondrous night. It's only the beginning.

"Don't, say, it's like a fantasy/When, you, know this is how it should be."

In the pre-chorus, she says with each kiss, she likes him even more. When his hand brushe her own, she gets goosebumps. They have a lot in common. Although she just met him a mere six hours ago, it's like she's been friends with him all her life.

"You kiss me, I'm falling/Can you hear me calling/
You touch me, I want you/Feels like I've always known you."

In the chorus, she would like to freeze time at 1 a.m. and have everything remain as perfect as it is. She wants to spend more time with him and fall in love.

"On a night like this/I wanna stay forever, stay forever/On a night like this/Just wanna be together/On a night like this."

In the second verse, she cuddles with him. As they stare at the stars, she asks him to embrace her. She never wants to let go.

"Now, I'm, getting closer to you/Hold, me, I just can't be without you."

In the pre-chorus, she says she yearns for him.

"You kiss me, I'm falling/It's your name I'm calling/You touch me, I want you/Feels like I've always known you."

The chorus is sung again.

In the bridge, she says it's like they were a match made in heaven. She has to take the risk and start a relationship with him. She will ask him out on a date tonight.

"Seems I've known you a lifetime/Now it's time to make you mine/On a night like this, on a night like this."

Over blissful strings, she whispers a part of the pre-chorus.

"You kiss me, I'm falling, you touch me."


The chorus is sung twice to end the single.

Kylie Minogue experiences a surreal night where she meets the man of her dreams. They get along well and fall for each other right away. He doesn't believe it's lasting, though. He thinks she will forget about him. However, she tells him it's a once in a lifetime meeting. They were destined to run into each other at the party. It's real for her. She assures him that she will call him for a date.

The synth arrangement is glamorous and luminous. The beat is summery and oceanic. It creates an atmosphere of the party: expensive wine and shrimp cocktail served while at the beach, celebrating the accomplishment of a friend.

Kylie's vocals are blithesome and exhilarated. She is aglow with love. For her, it's a one night to the start of many others just like the one now.

"On A Night Like This" provides the soundtrack for those perfect moments in life.


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