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One More Chance
Album: Something To Remember
Year: 1995

Madonna craves for her ex-boyfriend's understanding in the indolent ballad "One More Chance."

A sedate guitar opens the single, setting a humble tone. In the first verse, she says she was preoccupied with her own goals and thought her boyfriend would always be by her side. She neglected him and would take her stress out on him. She didn't think he would leave. He was reliable and loyal. Also, things always worked out for her. It was after he left her that she figured out what went wrong.

turned around too late to see the fallen star/I fell asleep and never saw the sun go down/I took your love for granted/Thought luck was always on my side/I turned around too late and you were gone."

In the chorus, she guilt trips him into giving their relationship another shot. She reasons that if he sincerely loved her, he would return to her.

"So give me one more chance/Darlin' if you care for me/Let me win your love/'Cause you were always there for me/If you care for me/Be there for me."

In the second verse, she likens her life to a poker game. She markets herself as the ideal woman - beautiful, intelligent and loving. Part of her strategy was to keep the men wanting more. She kept her emotions on a need-to-basis. But it backfired on her. She realized the games she played were childish.

"I like to play the queen of hearts and never thought I'd lose/I rolled the dice but never showed my hand/I planned it out so perfectly/So you'd never leave a girl like me/I was a fool, but now I understand."

The chorus is sung again.

In the bridge, Madonna states what she's learned from the ordeal as if she's the only person to know the information. She says that if someone takes a dangerous risk, expect to have negative consequences. She also says that people aren't aware of how great they have it until it's gone.

"Here is the law of the land/You play with fire and you'll get burned/Here is the lesson I've learned/That you don't know what you've got til it's gone."

The chorus is sung again. However the last two lyrics are edited out.

A second chorus ends the song. In it, she would like for him to say the breakup was a mistake.

"Gimme one more chance/Tell me that it's not too late/Let me win your love/Darlin' please don't hesitate/If you care for me/Be there for me/Give me one more chance."

Madonna has quite a lot of nerve to think she is entitled to a second try. While she was with him, she didn't acknowledge. She thought he would the puppy that would follow her around. She didn't think she would have to crawl and grovel for him. Then again, she's never had to work for a relationship. Even so, her attempt at redemption seems to be a part of her game.

Her vocals are stiff and arrogant. She's an ice queen, which she admits to. However, as a balladeer, she's plain. Slow songs do not suit her.

"One More Chance" is pathetic and limp.

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