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Get Your Number
Album: Emancipation Of Mimi
Year: 2005

Mariah Carey invites Jermaine Dupri to come home with her in the saucy "Get Your Number."

A synthesizer sample from Imaginations' "Just An Illusion" opens the single, setting a red-blooded tone.

In the chorus, Dupri rushes to Carey, as she gets one last drink from the bar. He asks her for her phone number. He would like to take her out on a date. He boasts that he can offer her plenty of pleasure.

"Oh damn/The club 'bout to close in a minute/Can I get your number baby/So you and I can go get in it/Let me come and pick you up/And go take you out/Can I get your number baby/So I can show you what I'm all about/What I'm all about/Damn."

In the first verse, she says she watched him on the dance floor. She noticed his sense of style and was immediately attracted. She says she's heading for the VIP lounge to hang out with her friends. She says he should pay her a visit.

"I've been checkin' you out/And I noticed that you ain't just one of the crowd/So tell me won't you/Come on and see about me baby/I've got the Cris on ice and I'm 'bout to get nice/Up in VIP with all my ladies."

In the pre-chorus, she tells him that she's a well-off woman. She has a house in Italy and a futuristic Mercedes Benz.

"Tell me how many times in your life/Will you get an opportunity like this tonight/Tell me a little somethin' about you/Here's a little somethin' about me/I got a house in Capri and my own G4/And that Benz with the doors that lift up from the floor."

The chorus is sung again.

In the second verse, she says she's looking for a one-night stand. Dupri is taken aback by her openness. She tells him to give her an answer right now.

"Now that you're sitting next to me/I bet you're wondering/What my intentions are for you/And I to get into/Baby I just wanna/Hug and kiss and love ya/Look into my eyes baby don't be shy/Is it yes or no/We ain't got all night."

In the pre-chorus, she says not many women are like her. They play games and tease. She also adds that she lives in a penthouse in the city. It has a huge hot tube with a plasma television in full view.

"Tell me how many times in your life/Will you get an opportunity like this tonight/Tell me a little somethin' about you/Here's a little somethin' about me
I gotta pimp penthouse with a sick hot tub/We can watch the flat screen/While the bubbles fill it up."


The chorus is sung again.

In the bridge, she "la, la, la, la, la, la's" for about 30 seconds.

The chorus is sung again to close the single.

Carey is a self-reliant and independent woman in the single. Dupri has approached her, like all men do, thinking they have something luxurious to show her. However, she beats them to punch. She can't be impressed by what they have since she likely has something more expensive. Like Dupri, they are speechless and find themselves thinking of another way to get her. However, it's Carey who's in control of the situation. She could leave them drooling by the stairs if she wants.

The Imagination sample is updated. Strings are added. The synths are sped up and racier than the original. It also doesn't dominate the entire single. It's used only for the chorus. Even then, it's meant to blend in with the new instrumentation. It was a great choice.

Carey's vocals are self-assured without being cocky. She's upfront and intimidating about her possessions. However, it's too weed out to the guys who frown upon a woman having her own wealth.

Dupri originally starts off as confident. But by the end chorus, he's bewildered and hoping he's good enough for her. Carey takes away his bravado, which is effective.

"Get Your Number" is Carey at her sexiest.




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