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Album: Let Go
Year: 2002

In the April 2002 issue of Chart Attack , Avril Lavigne’s set her ‘rebel girl’ image in motion. She’s a tomboy and thinks Britney dresses “like a showgirl” Also, she’s herself and someone whose a real musician.

From a public relations point of view, she wants to appeal to the older ‘tweens who have recently outgrown of Britney Spears’ music and are approaching their angsty years. By claiming to be herself, she is also separating her music from the manufactured pop of 1997 through 2001. Saying she writes her own music and plays the guitar reinforces the image.

But it’s an image Avril’s trying to create. Like Britney, she’s manufactured, too. The writing credits for her first single, “Complicated” read: “by Avril Lavigne and the Matrix”, which includes several co-writers. Pop’s still around. It’s just in a different form – rock.

“Complicated” explores high school politics, a topic not usually found in teen pop. Lavigne sings about a friend who acts like a rebel around her and a preppy around other people. Lavigne calls him on it in the bridge: “you tryin’ to be cool/you like a fool to me.” In the chorus, she then tells him “why do you have make things so complicated/actin’ like you’re somebody else/ gets me frustrated.”

While “Complicated” gets bonus points for being a realistic pop song, it fails musically. It trudges along to a safe rock beat. It opens with the fluffy intro: “life’s like this/uh uh/that’s the way it is," which just fills time. About 30 seconds later, the song finally begins. However, it's lite rock throughout. It neither rock nor rolls. Lavigne is laid-back in her delivery of the lyrics. Although during the second verse, she seems bossy instead of mature. However, that’s a minor quibble.

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on Apr 07, 2004
Just old are you? Are you planning on doing this as a career? If not...what's the point?

Not that there has to be a point, I mean to each his own, but know....

on Apr 07, 2004
I just read over a few of your articles, and you're really good at this! I find myself agreeing with most of your opinions.

on Apr 07, 2004
Avery time I hear an Avril song I get pissed off. There are so many more talented artists who are scraping by record to record, tour to tour, working real jobs outside music to make ends meet. Then this spoiled, no talent hack comes along and proves that you don't have to be good to make it big. You just have to be imminently marketable. But then again, I have already made mention of my thoughts on popular music (Link).

on Apr 08, 2004
I really enjoy music and I hope someday, to make writing a career. I find the public relations aspect of entertainment fascinating, which I why chose to write about this. Unfortunely, there won't be any new articles until May sometime. I have to get my computer fixed.
on Apr 09, 2004
love the song, love Avril, plan to buy the C.D. soon...

on Apr 21, 2004
This is to BlueDev:

Well, you probably just have no taste in music to be dissing avril when her grandfather just died. So, basically i describe you as a total jerk who can't possibly appreciate any talented music when you hear it. And if you are one of those people who goes, "Oh hillary duff is so much better than avril lavigne." I'm going to tell you to shut your mouth. So basically, why don't you go get a life, and stop wasting your time insulting talented artists and their music.
on Apr 21, 2004
I so agree with Angel. I don't think that BlueDev has any right to talk trash about Avril when other fans love her so much.
And for the argument about avril and hillary, I'll go with Avril cuz she's not a prep.
on Apr 21, 2004
Ah, I did not realize that personal tragedy in an "artist's" life (for which I truly am sorry) demanded that I buy into the idea that they have talent. If she has had this tragedy in her life I extend my sympathy, as one who can understand the pain of such a loss. But that tragedy does not change my opinion in the least.

No, I am not going to say that Hillary Duff is better, because she falls into the same group as Avril. They are both manufactured, marketable, shallow immitations of real talent. Sure, they have their own talents, but they certainly do not lie in the realm of music. It is all about image. And until you can understand that 90% of what you buy into with artists like both of them is a pre-programed, sterilized, packaged image of corporate America then I absolutely cannot have intelligent music discussion with you.

Does that mean I don't think anyone should like people like Avril? Absolutely not, as even that type of music can have an important place. But to condem someone from demanding more from their music than the trite lyrics of lost love and teenage heartache coupled with simple, cookie cutter music is peurile. And sadly, it says more about you than it does about me.

So, continue calling me a jerk. I am okay with that. But in the mean time I will continue with the wonderful life I already have, and keep it unsullied from such infantile name calling sessions with you. However, if you would like to enter into intelligent discourse that looks beyond the surface and attempts to explore music on a different level I am always willing to do so.
on Apr 21, 2004
Hmm, well it would appear that someone else jumped in as I was compossing my last post. I will answer it as succinctly as possible.

I so agree with Angel. I don't think that BlueDev has any right to talk trash about Avril when other fans love her so much.

Ah, so the secret here is that because my opinion doesn't agree with that of thousands (or more) of so called "fans" I have no right to express it? Wow, even though the "Iron Curtain" has fallen I didn't realize we operated under such totalitarian and narrow minded rules here. I think I will disregard them, thank you.

Great accomplishments never came from simply following the crowd and thinking like the rest of them, but I don't mind if you choose to do that. As for me, I will continue to think for myself.
on Apr 22, 2004
well Blue Dev... we usually agree on lots of things, but I have to admit that this time I like the cheap wine... it may be cheap, but that doesn't mean it doesn't taste good
on Apr 22, 2004
I have no problem with people liking "cheap wine". I certainly like the occassional cookie-cutter pop song myself. The key is recognizing it as such. And I have complete respect for anyone who is willing to admit that most pop music is rather formulaic and simple. That doesn't preclude it from being good.

What raises my hackles is when folks do as they did here, criticize me for stating the Avril is, in fact, "cheap wine".

Oh, and then tell me I can't tell others that.
on May 14, 2004
aT FIRST IF u hear her musick on da radio, and if you don't like her, you'd think it was a crappy piece of shit, but then when you hear it more often the song starts to grow on ya.
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