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Waiting For Tonight
Album: On The 6
Year: 1999

In 1997, dance group 3rd Party were thrown in the pop mix. However, their music was briefly on the radio and stayed mainly in the clubs. "Waiting For Tonight" written by lead singer Maria Christensen was never released as a single. However, Jennifer Lopez would two years later.

Christensen has her first kiss with her crush in the luminous "Waiting For Tonight."

Flashing keyboards open the single, setting a shiny tone. In the first verse, she says she and crush getting together could be from a movie. They are at a fancy dinner. Both have broken up with their significant others and are now able to be together. He puts her hand to his face and then kisses the back of fingers one by one. She feels like she's floating. It's how she always wanted it to be. She knows she won't ever be lonely again. She has found her Prince Charming.

"Like a movie scene/In the sweetest dreams/Have pictured us together/Now to feel your lips/On my fingertips/I have to say is even better/Then I ever thought it could possibly be/It's perfect, it's passion, it's setting me free/From all of my sadness/The tears that I've cried/I have spent all of my life."

In the chorus, she said the night she had been hoping to for happened and she couldn't be happier.

"Waiting for tonight, oh/When you would be here in my arms/Waiting for tonight, oh/I've dreamed of this love for so long/Waiting for tonight."

In the second verse, he tells her she's most the beautiful woman he’s ever known. She is awestruck and stunned by his outpouring of devotion. When they hug, she nestles into the corner of his chest. It's home to her and no where else should rather be. She remembers the days she would lie awake at night, unable to sleep, wondering if she would ever have her chance at love. To get through those days, she would have to believe and reassure herself.

"Tender words you say/Take my breath away/Love me now, leave me never/Found a sacred place/Lost in your embrace/I want to stay in this forever/I think of the days when the sun used to set/On my empty heart, all alone in my bed/Tossing and turning/Emotions were strong/I knew I had to hold on."

The chorus is sung twice.

The flashing keyboards have a solo.

In the bridge, she sings the last half of the second verse.

"Gone are the days when the sun used to set, I knew I had to hold on."


The chorus is sung once to close the single.

Christenen finally gets her fairytale moment in the single. Love is something she had always wanted and with someone she cared deeply about. She had loved her crush for years. He was oblivious to her until that evening. She thought there was a spark but dismissed it as her imagination. Then, when he kissed her, she realized it was really happening. Her dream was coming true.

Christensen's lush vocals are coarse and sometimes harsh, mainly during the verses. She certainly has the range. But her constant bouncing from attacking the lyrics to almost a hush causes her to sound off.

The whimisical arrangement sparkles like a glass of wine. The only clink is the keyboards (which resemble an organ) have become dated and has a rather dry taste.

The 1997 version of "Waiting For Tonight" is flawed, however it's certainly one of the best American dance songs.

In 1999, Lopez's music career took off and by the second single, "Waiting For Tonight," she had legimatized herself as a pop singer.

Lopez meets the man of her dreams in the cosmopolitan "Waiting For Tonight."

Fiery drums and a capricious dance beat open the single, setting an electrifying tone. It should be noted that the lyrics are intact, leaving the song's ideas the same. Hence, there won't be the usual interpretation.

For the solo, the refined trumpet has an idllyic solo.

Lopez copies Christensen's phrasing. However, her thin vocals are better suited for the single. Her limited range allows her to keep it above a whisper.

The versatile arrangement works well with the Latin-influenced updates. The addition of the trumpet and the drums changes the setting. Instead of an exquisite dinner lit with candles, it's a star streaked beach and the boundless ocean.

Lopez's version trumps the original. The instrumental changes are seamless, giving the single another atmosphere entirely.

The 1999 version of "Waiting For Tonight" captures the magic of a first kiss.




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