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Published on September 20, 2006 By Dusk411 In Music

Who Knew
Album: I’m Not Dead
Year: 2006

Pink mourns the death of a close friend in the tenuous ballad “Who Knew.”

A solemn guitar opens the guitar, setting a glum tone. In the first verse, she says one of her childhood best friends stuck up for her when she was picked on by the other kids. She taught Pink how to fight back and said nothing could stop them from being friends. Even when her friend was doing hit after hit of acid and unable to function, Pink believed her friend would return to her former self. .

“You took my hand/You showed me how/You promised me you'd be around/Uh huh/That's right/I took your words/And I believed/In everything/You said to me/Yeah huh/That's right.”

In the chorus, she is rattled by her friend’s overdose. Pink would’ve argued with anyone who would’ve told her that her friend would be dead. It’s not possible. It doesn’t happen to her or friends but to other people.

“If someone said three years from now/You'd be long gone/I'd stand up and punch them out/Cause they're all wrong/I know better/Cause you said forever/And ever/Who knew.”

In the second verse, she says she can remember when they would dye their hair crazy colors and sneak out at night to drink and party. They thought they were rebellious and above everything. She would do anything to have her back in her life again.

“Remember when we were such fools/And so convinced and just too cool/Oh no/No no/I wish I could touch you again/I wish I could still call you friend/I'd give anything.”

In the second chorus, she says she should’ve listened to one of her family members who told her to not to take anything for granted. She didn’t realize how to appreciate and enjoy the time with her. Her family knew the friend was spiraling and heading for trouble. However, Pink figured her friend would be able to fight the addiction.

“When someone said count your blessings now/'Fore they're long gone/I guess I just didn't know how/I was all wrong/They knew better/Still you said forever/And ever/Who knew.”

In the bridge, she says she will remember every day she had with her friend. She hopes one day she will run into her and have another chance. She says her friend made an impression on her and someone she will always think about.

“Yeah yeah/I'll keep you locked in my head/Until we meet again/Until we/Until we meet again/And I won't forget you my friend/What happened.”

In the final chorus, she and Pink pretended to kiss. Then, it was silly. But it was the last great moment they had. Gradually, the time they spent together is becoming faded and merging into one major memory. Her former friend accompanies on her strange road trips to see a green moose.

“If someone said three years from now/You'd be long gone/I'd stand up and punch them out/Cause they're all wrong and/
That last kiss/I'll cherish/Until we meet again/And time makes/It harder/I wish I could remember/But I keep/Your memory/You visit me in my sleep/
My darling/Who knew/My darling/My darling/Who knew/My darling/I miss you/My darling/Who knew/Who knew.”


Pink figured her former friend would be around until they were old. She didn’t think one day her friend would die. She, like Pink, was young and full of life. She can’t understand why her friend had to be the one to pass on.

Pink’s sullen vocals are subdued and apathetic. The emptiness she’s describing is nonexistent in her words. It’s as though it doesn’t really affect her. It’s not until the end that she cries out in of anger that her friend is gone. However, it’s too late.

The menial arrangement grinds it way through every cliché out of boredom.

The fatigued “Who Knew” lets out halfhearted gasps, but never follows through on any real emotion.


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