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Especially For You
Album: Kylie (Remastered 1988 version)/Jason Donovan’s Ten Good Reasons
Year: 1988

Kylie and Jason Donovan have renewed their love for another in the queasy ballad “Especially For You.”

Ceremonial “ohs’ open the single, setting a wedded tone. In the first verse, Kylie says she had been miserable for the past couple months without him. She tried seeing other people, but she kept comparing her dates to Donovan. She continued to have a deep love for him. Donovan says ditto to what she said. He said if he knew they felt the same, he wouldn’t called her a lot sooner and not waited until they bumped into another. She agrees he could’ve met her in the States.

“Especially for you/I wanna let you know what I was going through/All the time we were apart/I thought of you/You were in my heart/My love never changed/I still feel the same/Especially for you/I wanna tell you I was feeling that way too/And if dreams were wings, you know/I would have flown to you/To be where you are/No matter how far.”

In the pre-chorus, Donovan says now that they are dating again, they don’t have to wonder what their future will hold. She says they won’t have to grieve over what they lost. They both say they are now living for each other.

“And now that I’m next to you/No more dreaming about tomorrow/Forget the loneliness and the sorrow/I've got to say/It's all because of you.”

In the chorus, they say they are devoted and want to be appreciative of their relationship.

“And now we're back together, together/I wanna show you my heart is oh so true/And all the love I have is/Especially for you.”

In the second verse, she says he is the most important person in her life. He says that she helped him to believe in love and gave him meaning. He thinks they belong to each other. She say he guided her through some troubling times.

“Especially for you/I wanna tell you, you mean all the world to me/How I'm certain that our love was meant to be/You changed my life/You showed me the way.”

In the pre-chorus, Donovan says he has had only a few serious girlfriends. However, she’s the one. He wants to be there for her and reassure her that she is safe with him. She says that she wants to make deep, uncompromising love to him.

“And now that I'm next to you/I've waited long enough to find you/I wanna put all the hurt behind you/Oh, and I wanna bring out all the love inside you, oh.”

The chorus is sung again.

Lovey-dovey strings have a solo.

In the bridge, Kylie says she never forget about him and continued to love him, despite not being with him.

“You were in my heart/My love never changed.”


The first pre-chorus is sung again.

The chorus is sung three times.

Gooey synths close the single.

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan are one of those cute couples who can’t see beyond their own feelings. Their love is the ultimate love. No other can ever compare. After a difficult breakup, they decided to work on their issues. Being apart was the worse feeling in the world.

Kylie’s tender, adoring vocals are direct and soft. Her limited range gives her voice a simplicity and subtlety. She concentrates on the emotions and not solely on the character like Donovan. His protective, clingy vocals are caricatural. He stuffs his mouth with melismatic, actorly notes and chomps on them with loud bites.

The gushing arrangement overflows with sentimentality, washing away whatever real sentiments the lyrics could’ve had.

The soapy “Especially For You” cannot be fully enjoyable without knowing the context and having investment into the characters in "Neighbours." It's an empty tie-in.


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