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Published on September 26, 2006 By Dusk411 In Music

Album: Confessions On A Dancefloor
Year: 2006

Madonna ventures to London to pursue her dreams in the driven “Jump.”

Skittish synths open the single, setting an expectant tone. In the first verse, she says people have to be around other cultures and not become limited. With each passing hour, she’s postponing a blossoming future. She says she’s young and only has a few years to make a formidable life for herself. She can handle the rejection, the ramen she will be eating, and working for minimum wage in the meantime. However, she believes if she remains home she will be like the all the other people she knew – still hanging out with the same group of people and talking about what was on television the night before. She says she’s going to make her own path by herself. She’ll claw, network, and work 80 hour weeks to become a pop star.

“There's only so much you can learn in one place/The more that I wait, the more time that I waste/I haven't got much time to waste/It's time to make my way/I'm not afraid of what I'll face/But I'm afraid to stay/I'm going down my road and I can make it alone/I'll work and I'll fight till I find a place of my own.”

In the chorus, she asks herself if she’s willing to take the flight to New York. It’s something she has to do. She can’t overanalyze it and talk herself out of it. Moving away to a strange place is something she’s ready to do.

“Are you ready to jump/Get ready to jump/Don't ever look back oh baby/Yes, I'm ready to jump/Just take my hand/Get ready to jump.”

In the second verse, she references Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family.” She says she watched as her sisters stayed in the suburbs and had babies with their husbands. They told her time and time again, they wished they would’ve just taken the train to a random city and lived there for a year. She realizes that even if she fails, her family will care and help her. Life is always moving and pushing someone until they finally do something about it.

“We learned out lesson from the start/My sisters and me/The only thing you can depend on/Is your family/Life's gonna drop you down like a limb from a tree/It sways and it swings and it bends until it makes you see.”

The chorus is sung again.

In the bridge, she asks herself again, as she buys her ticket, if she can do it. She repeats the first verse to remind herself why she needs to go. She reassures herself that she can do it.

“Are you ready?/There's only so much you can learn in one place/The more that you wait/The more time that you waste/I'll work and I'll fight till I find a place of my own/It sways and it swings and it bends until you make it your own/I can make it alone/I can make it alone/I can make it alone (my sisters and me, my sisters and me)/ I can make it alone/I can make it alone/I can make it alone (my sisters and me, my sisters and me).”

The chorus is sung again.

She has many of her friends stick around, despite the fact they are miserable. They want more out of life, but fear the changes they come with it. She does not want to be one of those people. She wants to be able to say she took the chance and tried. It’s better than staying and fantasizing about what life could be instead of experiencing it.

Madonna’s hardboiled, steady vocals are prepared for anything that goes her way. If it’s negative, she’ll turn it into a positive. She’s a realist, realizing it’s not going to be easy.

The anxious arrangement shakes, taking deep breathes and scattering its nervous energy.

The vigorous “Jump” is a leap worth taking.

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