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Say Somethin’
Album: Emancipation of Mimi
Year: 2006

Mariah Carey gives a come-hither look to Snoop Dogg in the sultry “Say Somethin’.”

Bedroom beats open the single, setting a physical tone. In the first verse, she says she’s checking him out. She’s noticed Snoop Dogg turn his head and gaze at her for a while. Meanwhile, they are fantasizing about making out and then sleeping with each other.

“I'm over here/Looking at you/You're over there/Watching me too/Both painting pictures of/Of how we'll kiss and f***.”

In the pre-chorus, she wonders if he will approach her and buy her a drink. She thinks it’s ridiculous to simply want and waste the chemistry. Snoop Dogg sees her at the bar, looking at him She says it’s obvious they like one another. She’s breathless at the sight of him and is already aroused.

“So what we gonna do (So what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do)/Tell me why we're standing here/The moment's passion's all so clear/You've got my mind blown/And baby, I'm ready to go.”

In the chorus, she meets his eyes and gives him a coy smile, inviting him to talk to her.

“But uh/If it's worth your while/Say somethin’, say somethin’/If it's worth your while/Say somethin’ good to me/Hey, hey, hey/Hey, hey/If it's worth your while/Do something good to me.”

In the second verse, he walked over to her and they went to a secluded corner to have a conversation. She tells him they should play out their sexual desires. They are meant to be with one another, even if it is for a night. She teases him, asking what his suggestion should be.

“(Let's make it) Hot as you can stand it/Something like volcanic/You know it seems organic/Just like the stars and planets/Yeah, we are/So what you gonna do (So what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do).”

In the pre-chorus, she asks him why they are spending time talking. It’s not what they are interested in doing. She says they are consenting adults who are aware of the risks and carry protection. He touches her face and Carey shuts her eyes, feeling the warmth of his skin traveling from her mouth to her butt.

“Tell me why we're still in here/There's nothing for us to fear/I could tell with my eyes closed/Now baby, I'm ready to go.”

The chorus is sung twice. In it, she tells him to whisper dirty thoughts in her ear.

“But uh…Do something good to me/If it's worth your while/Say something, say something/If it's worth your while/Say something good to me, baby/Hey, hey, hey/Hey, hey/If it's worth your while/Do something good to me.”

In the bridge, Snoop Dogg raps he’s a tender lover. He’s enjoying the Neptunes production on the single. He takes her hand, leading her to the men’s restroom. Once they are inside, he tells her let her inhibitions go. He puts his fingers to her lips, murmuring for her to be quiet. He says he will put her positions she thought didn’t exist. He asks her if she’s ok with it, noting most of his encounters have ended up being tame. He promises it will be an orgasmic experience.

“Everytime I fall though/Want me to speak on the word or two/It's the D-O-double-G/
And I do it so lovingly/Diggin' this track by the Neptunes/Babygirl, follow me to the rest room/Now get buck wild/Shh, don't make a sound/I'll take you, lay you down/Make your body go round and round/Do you want me to/Don't say you won't/I know you do/Most girls play shy/It won't hurt until you give it a try/I know you like my smile/Dig my style, dig the bow-wow.”

The chorus is sung twice to close the single.

Carey is hungry for a savage lover who’s free from hang-ups and adventurous. It’s a night of sexual release and boundless energy. It’s not about roses and confetti. It’s about sex, nothing more. A one-night stand she will always remember for his curved smile and imagination.

Carey’s racy, tempting vocals are animalistic and enthralling. Her whispery purring, constrasted with the easygoing interjections (“baby, I’m ready to go”) was a fantastic idea. Left alone, the single could’ve been fallen into the trap like the album “Charmbracelet” did and became monotonous.

The erotic arrangement slips in and out of its lacy bass and satin beats.

The provocative “Say Somethin’” is a glamorous romp.

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