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Published on October 31, 2006 By Dusk411 In Music

We Ride
Album: A Girl Like Me
Year: 2006

Rihanna finds her boyfriend’s promise to be faithful hollow in the papery “We Ride.”

A civil bass opens the single, setting an affable tone. In the chorus, she repeats the he said they would be a couple forever and eventually marry. Now, it’s a trivial phrase resonating in her mind.

“Ride when we ride we ride/It's 'til the day that we die/When we ride we ride/It's 'til the day that we die.”

In the first verse, she’s in the family room. Music is playing in the background. Her cell phone is blinking red. It’s 12:45 a.m. and her boyfriend isn’t home yet. He told her he’d be out with his friends, watching the game. However, the game wasn’t even on tonight. She knows he’s lying but hopes he will return home, missing her. Tears well into her eyes and she pats her eyes with a tissue. She’s let her boyfriend control her happiness and put on a façade for her friends about her wonderful relationship. They had worked through other problems before (managing money and budgeting). But she can’t get past the cheating and forget she ever had him in her life. While looking to put a different picture on the desktop of the computer, she found pictures of the other girl – half naked and in the arms of her boyfriend. She hacked into his e-mail account and read every steamy sentence her boyfriend and the other girl wrote to one another. Rihanna feels dumb and humiliated for thinking he was sincere.

“It's real late/'Bout a quarter to 1/Thinking about everything/We become/And I hate it/I thought we could make it/But I'm ready to jet this/Just wanna forget about it/I saw her pictures/And the letters she sent/You had me thinking/You were out we your friends/I'm so foolish/Play me like I'm stupid/'Cause I thought it was just you and I (oh).”

In the pre-chorus, she’s going through all her memories with him over the past three years. She’s analyzing them, wondering if she missed a signal from him. She starts rocking back and forth, bawling. She doesn’t know what she did wrong for him to dump her.

“Now I look back on the time/That we spent and/I see it in my mind/Playing over and over again/'Cause boy right now/You got me breaking down/
And I just can't figure out why/But this is what you say.”

The chorus is sung twice.

In the second verse, she remembers when they met at a mutual friend’s house. He opened her eyes to new perceptives about divorce and friendship. Then, they left the friend’s house and drove out to the Pacific Ocean. She was falling for him. She recalls how he said her kisses and tenderness set him afire like no one else did. They were sizzling chemistry and it’s something he won’t find ever again.

“Visions in my mind/Of the day that we met/You showed me things/That'll never forget/Took me swimming/In the ocean/You had my head up in the clouds/Make me feel like I'm floating (yeah)/You think I'm playing/When you know it's the truth/Nobody else can do it/Quite like I do/All my kisses/And my loving/But ain't nobody/Better than us.”

The pre-chorus is sung again.

The chorus is sung twice again.

In the third verse, she confronts him with the e-mails and pictures when he comes at 3 a.m., stinking of cheap perfume. They argued for at least two hours. After tiring of his excuses, she breaks up with him. At about 6 a.m., he packs a bag and leaves again, heading back to his other girlriend’s house. She tells him that although he denies loving her, he will still have some lingering feelings for her. He once had dreams for them, too. She tells him it’s his fault and that his cheating will be the first thing on her mind when she thinks about their relationship. But deep down, she wishes they could go back to normal.

“I guess it's over/Indefinitely/But you and I know/It's not that easy/To let go/Of everything (everything) that we planned/And start all over again/Just blame yourself ‘cause you blew it/I won't forget how you do it/Sweet baby/This is where the game ends now/Somehow wanna believe you and me/We can figure it out.”

The chorus is sung again.

In the bridge, she longs for his touch and the sound of his comforting voice. Although she dislikes him, she misses the old him – the one who would pay attention to her. She remembers how he said he would be loyal. It’s a phrase that chills her, knowing if any other man would say it to her, she would doubt him. Like the words he said, she has to forget about him.

“You finna make me say boy/I wish that you come hold me/When I'm lonely/When I need someone to talk to/You would phone me/Just like everything you told me (when we ride we ride it's 'til the day that we die)/Boy you forgot about the promises/You made me/And now we'll let the memories/Just fade away/But I remember/What you used to say (when we ride we ride it's 'til the day that we die).”

The chorus is sung twice again.

At the end, Rihanna wishes for the beginnings of their relationship when the words were strong.

“We ride.”


Rihanna and her boyfriend had a fiery love. Days after meeting, they were making love and spending every spare moment with each other. She would go to see his band play and he would look over her fashion sketches. They took an active interest in one another. Within six months, they were living together. Looking back, she realizes they rushed things and should’ve slowed down. But she can’t return to the time and change it, although she’d like to.

Rihanna’s soft, candied vocals are pensive and wistful. Although she’s moved on and reasoned that it’s for the best, she wishes she could be naïve again and trust people again. Nonetheless, the stinging of the broken words pierces her heart. The cracks in her vocals highlight it.

The genial arrangement bobs to a dozy beat, thinking it’s cool and fresh. However, it’s a familiar mellow beat heard in a half dozen R&B songs.

The convential “We Ride” gets halfway to good and then stalls.


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