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Published on November 5, 2006 By Dusk411 In Music

Like A Virgin
Album: Like A Virgin
Year: 1984

Madonna regains her trust in men again after finding a nice boyfriend the delectable “Like A Virgin.”

Sumptuous synths open the single, setting a sultry tone. In the first verse, she says she’s slept with many bad boys. They ignored her, put her down, and chose their addictions over her each time. She blocked her sexual experiences with them. To remember them would cause her much pain. Until she finally removed herself from the party scene, she hadn’t realized it destroying her self-confidence. She met her current boyfriend in a biology class and they hit it off. However, she had some trepidation about going out with him. The men she had been with before lied and took advantage of her. She was tired and depressed. Then, she started to date him and he changed her life.

“I made it through the wilderness/Somehow I made it through/Didn't know how lost I was/Until I found you/I was beat, incomplete/I'd been had, I was sad and blue/
But you made me feel/Yeah, you made me feel/Shiny and new.”

In the chorus, she says it’s like she’s 15 again, discovering the sensation of feeling another man’s touch upon her skin. She’s made whole again.

“Like a virgin/Touched for the very first time/Like a virgin/When your heart beats/Next to mine.”

In the second verse, she says she cherishes him and can be herself with him. He’s shown to be loyal and faithful. She knows he won’t be like the other men. After being celibate for so long, she’s decided to spend the night with him. He’s a handsome man and committed to their relationship. He has taught her that it’s ok to stand up for herself and express her emotions without shame. He allowed her space to open up and waited for her to let her guard down.

“Gonna give you all my love, boy/My fear is fading fast/Been saving it all for you/'Cause only love can last/You're so fine and you're mine/Make me strong, yeah you make me bold/Oh your love thawed out/Yeah, your love thawed out/What was scared and cold.”

The chorus is sung again.

In the bridge, she “oh’s” with pleasure.

“Oh, oh, oh.”

In the third verse, she says she’s devoted to him and has no plans of breaking up with him. She can tell him about her wild past without worrying about him judging her or shunning her for feeling.

“You're so fine and you're mine/I'll be yours 'till the end of time/'Cause you made me feel/Yeah, you made me feel/I've nothing to hide.”

The chorus is sung again.

In the second chorus, she says it’s floating each time he holds her in his arms. It’s like she’s reborn all over again.

“Like a virgin, oh, oh/Like a virgin/Feels so good inside/When you hold me, and your heart beats, and you love me/Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh/Oh, baby/Can't you hear my heart beat/For the very first time?”


Madonna regrets sleeping around. It has led her to feel horribly about herself and question her judgement. After a while, she thought all men were jerks. Deep down, she knew it wasn’t true and it was a generalization. But it was she had known. Then, her current boyfriend showed her that love can be kind and generous. It didn’t involve any selfishness or pain. With him, she was starting over and recover from her past experiences with a healthy persceptive.

Madonna’s rapturous, breathless vocals are wholesome and shy, which packs the punch into the racy lyrics. She knows she can trust him and wants someone to protect her. She doesn’t ever want to face the hardship she had in past relationships.

The come-hither arrangement sways in its leather and lace beats and gently moans.

The stunning “Like A Virgin” remains one of Madonna’s top singles.


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I always think of the opening scene in Reservoir Dogs when I hear that song...WWW Link
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