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Year: 2004
Album: Body Language

The best tasting chocolate is sweet and light on the tongue. It's not bitter or dark, only a treat after something heavy. Kylie Minogue's new single, "Chocolate" is as lush and delectable as a box of Godiva candy.

Produced by longtime collaborator Johnny Douglas (who also co-wrote it), the ambient R&B song is another new direction for Kylie Minogue. Focusing on mood instead of beat, it features an MC named A. Guvera and scratches under a futuristic dance groove.

"Chocolate" is a surreal look at finding love again. Karen Poole and Douglas incorporate abstract and clever imagery into the song. In the first verse, she contemplates "with every single man/a river cried" and "all my dreams/were walking out." By the chorus, love is compared to chocolate that "melts [her] down."

Kylie savors each note, lingering on each one a little bit longer than normal. Her voice is seductive and breathy throughout. While these vocal techniques are overused in commercial pop, they make sense here. It helps create the cool, relaxed mood that saturates the single.

"Chocolate" is five minutes and two seconds of pure joy.

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on Apr 26, 2004
Wonderful simile Dusk! I will have to check out this tune now.
on May 18, 2004
One of the most accurate review of Kylie Minogue songs ever. I couldn't have put better words into it. Great job!
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