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Album: In The Zone
Year: 2004

It was reported on on June 9, that Britney Spears is having another knee surgery. Jive Records said it happened while she was doing choreography during the "Outrageous" video shoot. Apparently, Spears wants some time off again. This is the third time (and second this year) she has used the knee injury/surgery line. For her public relations team, knee injury/surgery has become a convenient reason for her to miss shows. It has been used one too many times to be believable. Unfortunately, a major flaw of Spears' public relations is that no matter what is said, it's the absolute truth. That is until they back away from the statement a week later or bar reporters from asking about it again.

"Outrageous," written by R. Kelly, revels in its debauchery and shallowness. In it, Britney brags about her shopping sprees, sex drive and body. She's "outrageous" and wants everyone to know it. Kelly has written "street" lyrics for her like "we on the world tour" and " "b girl ain't lost the beat" to make her sound cool. Instead, it has the opposite effect. Her self-importance comes across as delusional and clueless, mostly in the lyrics "all dressed up and glamorous/red carpets and cameras." If this were three years ago, the song would at least have some truth to it. However, now it only comes across as wishful thinking. As anyone who reads their Us Weekly religiously knows, Spears hasn't been featured in a "what were they thinking" feature let alone in a classy red carpet moment in ages. But she can be readily found wearing checkered, out of style Von Dutch hats and a cropped hoodie under a t-shirt length hoodie on the fan sites. Kelly does manage to get one part of Spears' right: the gaudiness of her entire image. It's summed up perfectly in the lyric "trench coat and my underwear/let's go with this freakshow."

She has become a freakshow. There's the dating of another guy, Kevin Federline, who has girlfriend pregnant. The 55-hour marriage, the not caring about her appearance in recent photos, the kissing of Snoop Dogg and the sudden need to be "street." It's the end of her fame as the media, as well as everybody knows.


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on Jun 11, 2004
Good show old boy, do you know when the review of my song 'Imagine' will be ready?
on Jun 11, 2004
I'm working on it right now. It should be done by Monday, the latest.
on Jun 11, 2004
Good show dear boy.
on Jun 22, 2004
I'm not much of a Britney fan but I like this song, it's got a good urban beat to it. I think the reviewer should rethink his review, how many years have people been saying Britney will fade and she's still here 5 years later. Personally, I think she'll be around for a long time making dance songs, like Madonna did..
on Jul 06, 2004
Stop hating on the girl who gives us entertaining music. But I guess U have to try and be a critic. She will not please everyone but she will not lose her core fans that love and take her for what and who she is. That said B will always be there so U will still have something to write about. One more thing and I say this with the little effort. You are just jelouse of all the attiention she gets, do u really think she is going anywhere else but to the top. 4 consecutive #1 albums and all together have sold almost 40 million records world wide. She has done that befor her 25th birthday. I will always be a slave 4 her. You go B.
on Jul 21, 2004
Hmm... 'Britney's sudden need to become street'? We're talking about one friggin' song here! And the clips from the video with Britney playing basketball was related to a scene in the upcoming Catwoman feature, which the video was supposed to support.
And all this about Britney not giving a damn in the latest pictures, it's her own free personal time!
Just because there happens to be papparazzis around her every minute of the day, doesn't mean that she should dress herself up to please those who might see the pics.
Everyone likes to give a damn sometimes, just be yourself and stress down. The problem Britney has is that whenever she does, there's a helpful papparazzi to make that moment timeless.
It's just ridicilous to criticize a human being for not looking like they are attending the Grammies every single day!
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