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My Prerogative
Album: Greatest Hits
Year: 2004

In the video released of her cover of Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative," Britney Spears flashed her gaudy engagement ring and kissed her fiance' Kevin Federline. However, it's being reported by E! Online that she got married again. The groomsmen wore white tracksuits with the words "pimp" on the back while the bridesmaids wore pink. Rumored on the back of their pink tracksuits: hoes. Then they ate chicken wings and danced to Journey's "Lights." From a boombox. No word on whether Federline cooked up the chicken wings (his specialty) for the affair.

In her version, she has her usual spoken intro, which replaces the car braking fast in the original. In it, she asks, " People can take everything away from you/but they can never take away your truth/but the question is: can you handle mine?" Except with Britney, there isn't any truth. Just carefully calculated spin and outright denial when the truth has been exposed. "My Prerogative" is not a chance to cover to put a different spin on 80s song, but damage control. It's like an extended version of Lynne's Corner on the website, filled with excuses for all her behavior and none of them holding any weight.

In the first verse, a meek Britney whispers "they say I'm crazy/I really don't care/that's my prerogative" We're all just sorry we don't have a loser husband who leeches off her like she does. Crazy indeed. She exaggerates "nasty" and makes it a quiet shout, as she continues "they say I'm nasty/but I don't give a damn/getting boys is how I live." For one, a picture cannot be found without Federline by her side. However, she changes the words (and thus, the context) of the lyric "I really don't know the deal/about my sister/trying hard to make it right" It suggests tension between her and her sister, making the lyric more about her family than people outside of her life. However, outside of Kevin, she isn't seen with anyone else. It makes sense for her, but not for a song about public opinion.

The new jack swing elements have been taken out and instead, Mid-Eastern elements are in its place. Also gone is the rap (the only sound decision) and replaced with a bridge in which sings "why can't I live my life/Without all of the things that people say?" Her producers seemed to have decided to run her "singing" through those computer programs which says the words back in a robotic, emotionless voice. It's not like an actual person at all, only what a computer would sound like if suddenly started singing horrible 80s music.

Team Britney (marketing, pr and advertising) try their second attempt at making her look independent and in control. However, it can't be done through only a song. Lynne's Corner needs to be gone and Britney should be the one writing it, talking about her life, not her mom. Britney needs to take interest in what little career she has left, like going to the Britney Spears' Foundation and watch the children perform for her or doing a small club tour. However, none of it will happen. She has let herself become a joke for a marriage which is going to barely last past the first pregnancy.

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on Oct 12, 2004
ok your review is ur opinion but i disagree. I think you should talk more about her music than about her life. U are reviewing her song so do that. Who gives you the right to say what or what this girl cannot do. i don’t think you appreciate negative input about your decisions so please dont think you can be like that to someone you dont even know.
Fair enough you OBVIOUSLEY don’t like her but give a non bias opinion on the song. PLEASE!!

on Oct 12, 2004
Jason, I think a careful re-read of the article will clearly reveal content dealing with the presentation of the song.

I think Bobby Brown was relishing in his insecurity when he did this song back in 'the day'. I think Britney is revealing to the world just how insecure she really is yet again, with this release. Time and time again she writes *gasp, choke, laugh* okay, has people write songs about how she can do what she wants, be what she wants, etc. To me, nothing screams more of insecurity than feeling the need to assert yourself as such. Pretty sad.
on Oct 12, 2004
Thanks, BlueDev. I always appreciate your help.

A majority part of being a pop star is image. It's there in the video, promotion, and the songs. It's the first thing people think of when they see or hear the person on the radio or tv. (Ashlee Simpson and her "punk rock" image, for example). It's up to the pop star and their handlers to make sure the fact that they are "punk rock" or whatever gets across. If it doesn't, then something needs to be corrected because sales depend on that image.

I also have an interest in public relations which is why the websites and image gets covered also.
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