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Album: Truth About Love

Year: 2012


            Pink starts over after a breakup in the reflective “Try.”

            A downcast keyboard opens the single, setting an introspective tone.   In the first verse, she is thinking about her ex-boyfriend. Is he eating dinner at 6:30? Is he visiting his family over the weekend like he planned? Then, she thinks about what went wrong. He stopped being affectionate with her for a couple months before it ended. He suddenly stopped talking to her about moving in together. She’s weary of thinking of reasons why it didn’t work out. She has to accept that she will won’t have answers to her questions. (“Ever wonder 'bout what he's doin'/ow it all turned to lies/sometimes I think that it's better/to never ask why.”)

         In the chorus, she says that opening one’s heart means it will get broken. However, it’s part of being vulnerable. Nonetheless, it’s a person can’t close themselves off from others. They have to let down their guard again. (“Where there is desire/There is gonna be a flame/Where there is a flame/Someone's bound to get burned/But just because it burns/Doesn't mean you're gonna die/You gotta get up and try/And try and try/You gotta get up and try/And try and try/You gotta get up and try/And try and try.”)

        In the second verse, she mentions that before she met her ex-boyfriend, she had fallen for a few other guys. Her first ex-boyfriend turned out to being a better friend than lover and her second ex-boyfriend moved 3,000 miles away. But it was worth having them in her their life for a time. (“Funny how the heart can be deceiving/More than just a couple times/Why do we fall in love so easy?/Even when it's not right.”)

          The chorus is sung again.

        In the third verse, the thought had crossed her mind that she may be single forever and not meet someone again. It stung her and for a while, there was something wrong with her. She went through the motions in her life, meeting people but not connecting with in a meaningful way. (“Ever worry that it might be ruined/Does it make you wanna cry?/When you're out there doin' what you're doin'/Are you just getting by?/Tell me are you just getting by by by.”)

           The chorus is sung again.

          She sings the “you gotta get up and try” part of the chorus twice to end the single.

        “Try” is a moving ballad due to Pink’s soft, thoughtful vocals. She’s hurting yet gentle. Even though she is miserable, she knows she has to get through the breakup. There will be someone else, someone who will be a better match for her. It’s going to take time.

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