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Britney Spears

Till The World Ends

Album: Femme Fatale

Year: 2011

           Britney meets a wonderful guy at the club and doesn’t want the night to end in the carefree “Till The World Ends.”

      Coy synths start the song, setting a michievous tone. In the first verse, he’s nervous around her and can’t talk to her. She wants to know more about him. She would really like to have him as a boyfriend. She likes the bit of stubble on his chin and finds his shyness around her adorable. He’s aware of her attraction to him and that she’s not afraid to be assertive. She’s eager to impress him on the dancefloor. (“This kitten got your tongue tied in knots, I see/Spit it out 'cause I'm dying for company/ I notice that you got it, you notice that I want it/You know that I can take it to the next level baby/ If you want this good shit/Sicker than the remix/Baby let me blow your mind tonight.”)

          As she’s talking to him, she wants to be close to him but its’ awkward with them standing by the bar with other people around them. It’s the first time she’s had a connection to someone that she felt she knew for years instead of an hour.  She’s about ready to burst from the excitement and needs to dance right now. However, the DJ has been playing lackluster songs all night. (“I can't take it, take it, take no more Never felt like, felt like this before C'mon get me, get me on the floor DJ what you, what you waitin' for?”)

           The graceful beat floats mid-air during the section until Spears’ “whoa-ohs.

           In the second verse,she says that once she really gets into a song, she becomes a sensual dancer. By then, he won’t be able to take his hands off of her. She has caught him looking at her sequined halter dress. He’s handsome, even better looking than Brad Pitt, and he will be hers. (“Watch me move when I lose, when I lose it hard/Get you off with the touch dancin' in the dark/You notice what I'm wearing, I noticin' you're staring/You know that I can take it to the next level baby/Hotter than the A-list/Next one on my hit list/Baby let me blow your mind tonight.”)

         The chorus is sung again.

        In the bridge, it’s already 3 am and the sun has began to peek through the doors of the club. However, she has finally gotten her chance to be with him and will remain on the floor until the owner has to kick them out. They have looked only at each all night and she’s waiting for him to kiss her. (“See the sunlight, we ain't stoppin’/Keep on dancing till the world ends/If you feel it, let it happen/Keep on dancing till the world ends/Keep on dancing till the world ends/Keep on dancing till the world ends.”)

       The beats roll, murmuring as Britney’s “whoa-ohs” again.

      The bridge is sung again to end the single.

     Perfect moments and special connections don’t happen everyday. Spears may never see him again and she wants to enjoy the time she has now. Her hushed, trustful vocals add to the single, giving it a refreshing innonence.

     The sharp “Till the World Ends” is poised and composed. It builds to the immediacy of the end of the night and need to hold onto it as long as possible. It waits until the very end of the song do so and like every ideal moment it's over.

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