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Jennifer Lopez, Big Pun & Fat Joe

Feelin’ So Good

Album: On the 6

Year: 2000


                    Jennifer Lopez is having an awesome day in the perky “Feelin’ So Good.”

                   The sample of Strafe’s “Set It Off” opens the single, setting a resilient tone. Big Punisher starts off by bragging about himself. He says that he’s the best and has gotten a ton of awards. Validation from his peers is what fulfills him. He compliments Lopez, calling her luxurious and glamorous. He says they both are wealthy but his bank account is heavier than hers. He loves being her boyfriend and he would die without her. However, they have some problems and he needs his friends to help him out. He was raised in a tough neighborhood and it’s the only thing he knows.  (“We got artist of the year rhyming here/Grammy nominations and platinum plus/Ain’t nothing baby/All I want in life/Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo/You priceless, you like diamonds and icy wrists/We got chedda, I'm twice as rich/Make you bite your lips, Jenny you know you like unless/Nice and thick, if you ever leave me I'd slice my wrists/Treat you like a bitch, never that/We got beef where my n***** at/Streets is where I'm living at.”)

            Fat Joe gets his turn. He says that the cool place to hang out is uptown in the city. He wants people to listen to him. His goal is to get as rich as he can to afford such status items as a mansion, a yacht, and an advance from his record company. Lopez says that Fat Joe is fantastic and Fat Joe returns the sentiment. He adds he will take care of any guy who says anything bad about her. (“Where the glock, that's the sounds of the mini mack/Where we at, uptown where its really at/Here me yak, I want the mansion, the yacht/Advance on the spot, we can dance till we drop/Let my hands slip a knot/Joe you the don/Jenny you the bomb/Any man disrespect, good as gone.”)

              She woke up in a great mood. It’s a bright, sunny day without a cloud in the sky. She has an excited feeling tingling in her stomach. It’s as though she can accomplish anything. She finally went after what she wanted, something she’d been afraid to do for a long time. The dreams she’s had for years no longer are out of reach. (“When I opened up my eyes today /Felt the sun shining on my face /It became so clear to me that everything is going my way /I feel like there's no limit to what I can see /Got rid of fears that were holding me /My endless possibilities /Has the whole world opened for me/That's why I'm feeling.”)

      In the chorus, she feels great. She’s been concentrating on herself. If she hears someone complain or someone cuts off on the road, it’s not going to bother her. (“I'm feeling so good /I knew I would /Been taking care of myself /Like I should /'Cause not one thing /Can bring me down /Nothing in this world gonna turn me round.”)

            Her day went well.  She’s organized a night out with all her friends to have a party. She’s not going to let anyone tell her she can’t do something ever again. She knows it’s not true. She’s going to have fun. After finally doing something for herself, she feels alive. (“Now the day is turning into night /And everything is still going right /There's no way you can stop me this time /Or break this spirit of mine /Like the stars above I'm gonna shine /Anything I want will be mine /Tonight I'm gonna have a good time /Call a few friends of mine/
'Cause I'm loving life/And tonight's for feeling.”)


                             The chorus is sung twice.

                         Big Pun says she’s a beautiful Latin woman. He wants his body on hers on the dance floor. He says that her boyfriend only wants sex. Fat Joe threatens to go after Big Pun for hitting on her and saying he’s all about sex. He says his money and his family are important him. Big Pun defends himself. He respects women. Fat Joe tells him to stop running his mouth. A girl is causing them to fight and ruining their friendship. He asks Lopez to settle the argument.  (“Boricua, that's you mamacita/Puerto Rican diva, from la isla bonita/
Let me freak ya on the dance floor/Lead your man off/He's just trying to get your pants off/That's the last straw/Pun I ain't got a glass jaw/Better run when you see me coming through the back door/Crack smart, I give it all for my brother/There's things I don't share/That's my money and my mother/I love honeys since the paradise for real/Seis caps some steel, this better scrap for real/Shut up your grill/You know we never fight/It's your world girl, set it off right.”)

                       The chorus is sung twice.

                      In the bridge, she says she’s going to enjoy every minute of her life. The awful things she’s gone through are behind her. (“Party every night/Everything is feelin' right/I'm feelin' so/Party every night/Everything is feelin' right/The world's gonna treat me right.”)

                          The chorus is sung four times to end the single.

                        Lopez’s light, skeletal vocals are full of promise and hope. She’s made a change in her life and is proud of it. However, Big Pun and Fat Joe spoil the fun with their tacked on love triangle and bravado. Their rap has absolutely nothing to do with the single. Their so-called feud could’ve been used for another song with a generic hook girl singing a different chorus.

                   The sample is front and center, given that it’s produced by P. Diddy, which is not the least surprising. However, the happy-go-lucky lyrics soften the edges, giving it a fresh feel.

              The imperfect “Feelin’ So Good” gets by on its unmistakenable joy.

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