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Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton

Just A Fool

Album: Lotus

Year: 2012


           Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton regret their actions in the rousing  “Just A Fool.”                 

           A depleted guitar opens the single, setting an emotional tone.  Aguilera takes the first verse. She’s sitting at the bar by herself. She stares at the knicknacks on the wall and the stacks of bottles behind the bar. Three empy shot glasses are by her arm. It’s not enough. She can still remember her ex-boyfriend’s scent of cologne. She yearns for the distraction of the music. She can barely make it through the day, much less another hour. She’s hoping the pain will eventually dull. (“Another shot of whiskey please bartender/Keep it coming til I don't remember at all/How bad it hurts when you're gone (na na na)/Turn the music up a little bit louder/Just gotta get past the midnight hour (uh huh)/Maybe tomorrow it won't be this hard.”)

                     In the pre-chorus, she knows the void she feels won’t ever go away. (“Who am I kidding?/
I know what I'm missing.”)

                In the chorus, she says that she thought Shelton would be the one she would be with forever. Losing him didn’t cross her mind until it actually happened. After their fight, she thought he would call or come back to talk it out. However, it’s been two weeks and she has  given up. She feels dumb for believing in love at all. (“Oh, I had my heart set on you/But nothing else hurts like you do/Who knew that love was so cruel (yeah, yeah, yeah)/And I waited and waited so long/For someone who'll never come home/
It's my fault to think you'll be true (yeah, yeah)/I'm just a fool (Yeah).”)

             Shelton has the second verse. He stormed off the night they broke up and left her. He threatened to leave and did. Now, two weeks later, he tries to convince himself that they weren’t a good match. However, he knows it’s a lie to keep himself from feeling numb. (“I said that I don't care/I'd walk away whatever/
And I tell myself we were bad together (uh huh)/But that's just me trying to move on without you.”)

          Both join in for the pre-chorus and the chorus

           In the bridge, Shelton says he can’t forget her. He screwed up and knows what he did is unforgiveable. She doesn’t love him anymore. Aguilera wishes she wouldn’t have nagged him about going out his friends that nights. She could’ve offered to reschedule their plans. He simply forgot. She ruined their relationship over something trivial. (“For holding on to something that/Is never ever gonna come back/I can't accept that it's lost/I should have let it go/Held my tongue/Kept my big mouth shut/'Cause now everything is just wrong, wrong, wrong/I'm just a fool/A fool for you/I'm just a fool

            The chorus, with both Aguilera and Shelton, ends the single.

            They are both still in love with each other and neither one feel as they deserve one another anymore. They are two sympathetic people and at the end, should get back together.

      Aguilera owns the single, overpowering Shelton with every muscled note, knocking him down before he can muster the breath to get back up again. It’s been a long time since she’s been passionate in her vocals (“Hurt”) and it’s been missed. Shelton holds his own. His coarse vocals blend well and balance out Aguilera’s tenderness.

        The stunning “Just A Fool” is worthy of a standing ovation.

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