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Britney Spears

I Wanna Go

Album: Femme Fatale

Year: 2011

        Britney Spears wishes to misbehave in the dreamy “I Wanna Go.”

        Steamed synths open the single, setting a keyed up tone. She’s been held to strict rules for a couple years now. She’s fantasizes going to clubs, dancing until 6 am in the morning and doing it all over again the next night. She wants to talk back to her parents, lawyer and judge about how she hates being told what to do. She’d rather divulge the amount of orgams she had in one night to a group of her friends or make raunchy sex jokes about her lawyer all day. People are anticipating an explosion from her. It’s only a matter of time. (“Lately, I've been stuck imagining what I wanna do and what I really think/Time to blow out/Be a little inappropriate, 'cause I know that everybody's thinkin' it when the light's out.”)

          In the pre-chorus, she thumbs her nose at the rules she has to follow, saying it’s only natural for her to want to go out and let loose. (“Shame on me/To need release/Uncontrollably.”)

      In the chorus, she says she wants to dance and drink until she falls to the floor. At the end of the night, the owner of the bar will have to kick her out of the bar in order to get her out. She wants to be free. (“I wanna go all the way/Taking out my freak tonight/I wanna show all the dirt I got runnin' through my mind, whoa oh/ I wanna go all the way/Taking out my freak tonight/I wanna show all the dirt I got runnin' through my mind, whoa oh.”)

         People are irritating her with their questions and orders. They are expecting an argument from her any minute, saying what they need to and walking out of the room quickly. She’s had enough of it. They keep an eye out on who she dates and are certain to know what’s going on. She has zero privacy. (“Lately, people got me all tied up/There's a countdown waitin' for me to erruptTime to blow out/I've been told who I should do it with, to keep both my hands above the blanket when the light's out.”)

       The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.

         The steamed synths get a brief solo as the pre-chorus is repeated again. The last two syllables of “uncontrollably,” loop around several times, cracking the beat, succumbing to the craziness surrounding it. (“Shame on me (shame on me)/To need release (to need release)/Uncontrollably (uncontrollably, lably, lably, lably-bly-bly-bly-bly-bly).”)

       The chorus is sung once to end the single.

         Spears’docile, michievious vocals graze the rules which confine her, teasing the blast to come. She’s made mistakes, like everyone else. However, it’s unfair to set such strict restrictions that essentially silence her. She plans to break free someday. Until then, she’ll play the game and wait for someone to spin the wrong idea.

        The playful “I Wanna Go” nudges with harmless pokes, encouraging the fun to continue.

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