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Published on January 10, 2013 By Dusk411 In Music

Katy Perry

Waking Up In Vegas

Album: One of The Boys

Year: 2009


                  A weekend trip to Las Vegas gets crazy in the fiery  “Waking Up In Vegas.”

               A slot machine dings and an inquistive guitar open the single, setting a stupefied tone. It’s 11 am and Perry wakes up next to her best guy friend. She nudges him awake. She remembers nothing about last night. He murmurs in his pillow that she’s talking too loud. She checks her purse on the nightstand and her wallet is empty. She thought she had enough money to cover the trip. She tells him they have to get out of the motel now. He narrows his eyes and heaves a sigh. She calls him out on it and says she didn’t go to Vegas alone. They need to deal with the situation right away. (“You gotta help me out/It's all a blur last night/We need a taxi 'cause you're hung-over and I'm broke/I lost my fake ID but you lost the motel key/Spare me your freakin' dirty looks/Now don't blame me/You want to cash out and get the hell out of town.”)

      In the chorus, he’s getting dressed and grumbling. She retorts what he’s been telling her for ages: stop saying what you want to do and actually do it. They’d been  planning a trip to Vegas for as long as they have known each other.  She tells him she thought something like this would happen. It’s Vegas. (“Don't be a baby/Remember what you told me/Shut up and put your money where your mouth is/That's what you get for waking up in Vegas/Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now/That's what you get for waking up in Vegas.”)

       While she’s putting on her clothes, she covers her eyes from the flourscent lights. Her hangover is starting to set in. On the small table placed on the lap top is a picture of them smiling next to a minister. He’s dressed as an older Elvis with tight golden jumpsuit, open to reveal his chest. She’s in black pants and shirt as Elvis from Jailhouse Rock. She looks at her ring finger and sees his class ring on it. He starts freaking out and says he’ll call his mom. His mom will know what to do. She refuses and says it will only cause more trouble. (“Why are these lights so bright?/Oh, did we get hitched last night dressed up like Elvis?/Why am I wearing your class ring?/Don't call your mother 'cause now we're partners in crime.”)

           The chorus is sung again.

         In the bridge, she says it was his idea to begin with. Shse doesn’t know what to think. She’s overwhelmed from all the new information. She figures everything is screwed up, they might as well enjoy their last day there. (“You got me into this/Information overload, situation lost control/Send out an S.O.S/
And get some cash out/We're gonna tear up the town/Don't be a baby/Remember what you told me/ Remember what you told me/Remember what you told me/Told me, told me.”)

        The chorus is sung again.

        She ends the single by asking him for some money to salvage the rest of the trip. (“Shake the glitter, shake, shake, shake the glitter, c'mon!/Give me some cash out, baby/Give me some cash out, baby.”)

       Perry’s tense vocals quiver and get jumpier as she fills in the holes of what happened. She had heard the phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and saw it as only marketing tagline. Her friend even joked about it to her and then said they were only going to gamble and  see the shows. She didn’t intend to live the expression.

    The engaging “Waking Up In Vegas” may take some cliched turns but the fun is in actually getting there.



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