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Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera

Moves Like Jagger

Album: Hands All Over

Year: 2011


        Adam Levine has the sexual prowess of his idol, Mick Jagger in the salacious  “Moves Like Jagger.”

    A lingering whistle opens the single, setting a coy tone. He’s with his current girlfriend. He tells her tonight is her night. She can pick wherever they go. They can spend the night just making out and cuddling, if she chooses.  He promises not to try anything. They made an agreement that when she was ready they would sleep together. She decided she’s ok with having sex with him. He planned a romantic evening and put candles everywhere. He dropped rose petals on the floor, leading to the bedroom. She tells him he’s acting like an overeager teenager. He blows it off. He knows he’s awesome. (“Just shoot for the stars/If it feels right/Then aim for my heart/
If you feel like/And take me away, make it okay/I swear I'll behave/You wanted control/So we waited/I put on a show/Now we're naked/You say I'm a kid/My ego is big/I don't give a shit/And it goes like this.”)


         In the chorus, he tells her all she needs to do is kiss him and she’ll be taken in by him. She won’t ever want to let go. He has enough charisma to make her want to leave any guy for him. He has the skills of a world famous rock star. (“Take me by the tongue/And I'll know you/Kiss me till you're drunk/And I'll show you/All the moves like Jagger/I've got the moves like Jagger/I've got the moves like Jagger/I don't need try to control you/Look into my eyes and I'll own you/With them moves like Jagger/I've got the moves like Jagger/I've got the moves like Jagger.”)

   He tells her he can heal her pain and make her feel wonderful. He says she can be herself. They can hang out or get something to eat. However, when it comes to sex, he’s the one in charge. (“Maybe it's hard/When you feel like you're broken and scarred/Nothing feels right/But when you're with me/I make you believe/That I've got the key/So get in the car/We can ride it/Wherever you want/Get inside it/And you want to steer/But I'm shifting gears/I'll take it from here/And it goes like this.”)

       The chorus is sung again.

    In the bridge, Christina Aguilera makes her appearance. She’s willing to be fascinated by his handsome looks and endless charm. Though, she says he’s not the only with the power. There is a way to hypnotize her without even touching her hand. She might demonstrate how she was able to get him to yield to her will. He only gets one chance, provided he satisfies her. He has to promise not to kiss and tell. ("You wanna know how to make me smile/Take control, own me just for the night/And if I share my secret/You're gonna have to keep it/Nobody else can see this/So watch and learn/I won't show you twice/Head to toe, oh baby, rub me right/And if I share my secret/You're gonna have to keep it/Nobody else can see this.”)

    Levine breaks in for “and it goes like this,” leading to the chorus being sung for the last time while Aguilera adlibs until the end.

        Levine’s cocksure, virile vocals spread out his feathers, showing off his beautiful colors for a mate. Whoever is mesmerized by the display can come by. He’s not discriminatory. Aguilera takes him a down a notch, though. She’s not some salivating groupie, hanging onto his every breath, grateful to be basking in the shine of his star. She knows how to get the upper hand.

   Usually in duets, someone ends up taking over, leaving the other performer to fade into the background. Usually, it’s Aguilera who is that someone (“Nobody Wants to be Lonely” for example). Here, both Levine and Aguilera are given an equal chance to be front and center. She is kept in check, though. With her part limited to the bridge, she is unable to throw her overpowering vocals over Levine and take the single hostage. By the time she begins riffing, the single is finished.

   The carnal “Moves Like Jagger” leers but only with permission.

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