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'Your lips taste like heaven, so why should I stop?
Published on January 31, 2013 By Dusk411 In Music

Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull

Dance Again

Album: Dance Again…The Hits

Year: 2012


     Jennifer Lopez is ready to make her relationship public in the dainty “Dance Again.”

          A detached intro opens the single, setting an avid tone. Pitbull says dancing and love go together. (“Dance, yes (RedOne)/Love, next/ Dance, yes (J.Lo)/Love, next.”)

        Pitbull knows he may not the best person to give advice. Women have been told by their friends and family not to date him. He tells Lopez’s boyfriend he needs to talk about what’s bothering him with her. (“Shimmy shimmy yah, shimmer yam/Shimmer yay, I'm a ol' dirty dog all day/No way Jose/Yyour girl only go one way, ay mi madre/You should check that out/Maybe you ain't turn her out/Maybe it's none of my business/But for now work it out/Let's get this, dale.”)

        She’s been going out with her boyfriend for a while. It’s like she’s back in middle school and her clique of her girlfriends don’t approve of who she likes. She wants to be able to walk with him out on the dancefloor and hold him close. She’s an adult and doesn’t have to listen to anyone. It’s her life and she can love who she wants.  (“Nobody knows what I'm feeling inside/I find it so stupid/So why should I hide/That I love to make love to you baby (yeah make love to me)/So many ways wanna touch you tonight/I’m a big girl got no secrets this time/Yeah I love to make love to you baby (yeah make love to me.”)

         In the pre-chorus, she believes race wouldn’t be an issue if society wouldn’t still frown upon it. She would be comfortable with him out in the open and they could enjoy themselves like a regular couple. She can’t live by other people’s expectations. People are going to talk no matter what. (“If this would be a perfect world/We'd be together then (let's do it do it do it)/Only got just one life this i've learned/Who cares what they're gonna say (let's do it do it do it.”)

         In the chorus, she holds his hand as they walk onto the dancefloor. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees her friends’ eyes grow wide. He’s twirling her around and she’s having too much fun to even let it worry her. (“I wanna dance, and love, and dance again/I wanna dance, and love, and dance again.”)

    The intro is sung again.

     A slow song has come on and he puts his hands around her waist. She’s thinking of being with him alone tonight. He kisses her on the lips, whispering that he loves her. She responds back by kissing his neck. She can’t wait to leave. (“Baby your fire is lighting me up/The way that you move boy is reason enough/That I love to make love to you baby (yeah make love to me)/I can't behave/Oh I want you so much/Your lips taste like heaven/So why should I stop?/Yeah I love to make love to you baby (yeah make love to me.)”

        The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.

        Pitbull raps that he’s known in every country and that he’s on a single with a desirable actress. He compares himself to Hugh Hefner with a harem of women who want him. He wants to steal her away from her boyfriend. He only goes after classy, rich women. Women are always coming up to him, telling him their hopes and dreams. They often get the wrong idea and he has to be careful. He kindly rejects them. He has natural charm. All he has to do is smile. (“Mr. Worldwide, and the world's most beautiful woman/Modern day Hugh Hef  (uh, yes)/Playboy to the death (uh, yes)/Is he really worldwide? (uh, yes)/Mami let me open your treasure chest/Play dates, we play mates/I'm the king snatching queens, checkmate/What you think?/It's a rumor/I’m really out of this world/Moon, luna/Make woman comfortable/Call me bloomer/Can't even show love cause they'll sue ya/But I told them, 'Hallelujah, have a blessed day/So ahead of myself/Everyday's yesterday/Want the recipe? It's real simple/Little bit of voila, and she'll open sesame.”)

        The intro, pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.

    Lopez’s misty, feathery vocals are illusive, broken when the pre-chorus hits, revealing a sharpness which has been efficiently covered up by R & B beats over the years.

     The lithe beat is able to flutter on its own. Then Pitbull hitches his superflous, redudant rap to it, causing the beat to dip and turn lopsided. At the end, beat, independent from Pitbull, is able to fly.  

   The imitative “Dance Again” picks at the best of Kylie Minogue’s leftovers and presents it as a new dish.

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