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Pink & Nate Ruess

Just Give Me A Reason

Album: The Truth About Love

Year: 2013


               Pink and Nate Ruess are experiencing a rough patch in their relationship in the  pleading  “Just Give Me A Reason.”

         A planitive piano opens the single, setting a rattled tone.  She’s sitting up on bed, watching her boyfriend’s chest rise and fall as he sleeps. She hears him murmur “you’re beautiful.” She looks away, closing her eyes in hopes to stop the tears. She wonders who he is dreaming about. He hasn’t complimented her in such a long time. She wishes he would let her go if he wants to be with someone else. She remembers when he began flirting with her. She would roll her eyes and walk away. Yet, he would continue talk to her and she started to trust him. In their first year together, she cried in his arms after fearing she wouldn’t find friends at her new job. He listened to her and reassured her she was person people would want to get know. He encouraged her to open up. Now, she and her co-workers text all the time. It wouldn’t have happened without his help. (“Right from the start/You were a thief/You stole my heart/And I your willing victim/I let you see the parts of me/That weren't all that pretty/And with every touch you fixed them/Now you've been talking in your sleep oh oh/Things you never say to me oh oh/Tell me that you've had enough/Of our love, our love.”)


             In the chorus, it’s the next morning and they are both brushing their teeth in the bathroom. After he spits out his toothpaste, she wants to to know what she did wrong. She needs to know if they are ok. Whatever they are going through, she’s willing to work on it with him. (“Just give me a reason/Just a little bit's enough/Just a second we're not broken just bent/And we can learn to love again/It's in the stars/It's been written in the scars on our hearts/We're not broken just bent/And we can learn to love again.”)


             In the second verse, he puts down his toothbrush, taken aback. He shakes his head, unsure of what is going on. He explains to her he isn’t sure what she means. He believes they have a fantastic relationship. He tells her to calm down and not to worry about what he said. She responds that there is a problem and he’s denying it. He shoots back she sleeps far away from him now and has grown distant from him. (“I'm sorry I don't understand/Where all of this is coming from/I thought that we were fine (Oh we had everything)/Your head is running wild again/My dear we still have everythin'/And it's all in your mind(Yeah but this is happenin')/You've been havin' real bad dreams oh oh/You used to lie so close to me oh oh/There's nothing more than empty sheets/Between our love, our love/Oh our love, our love.”)


            In the chorus, Ruess joins in They reassure each other that they want the relationship to work. (“Just give me a reason… I never stopped/You're still written in the scars on my heart/You're not broken just bent/And we can learn to love again.”)


           In the bridge, Pink says they now a routine, caught in the same patterns. He promises to make a change. He adds she needs stop bottling up her emotions and she tells him to stop drinking when he doesn’t talk. He responds it’s not the end and she hopes it will become honest with each other. (“Oh tear ducts and rust/I'll fix it for us/We're collecting dust/But our love's enough/You're holding it in/You're pouring a drink/No nothing is as bad as it seems/We'll come clean.”)


             The second chorus is sung again.

          Pink believes they will make it. (“Oh, we can learn to love again/Oh, we can learn to love again/Oh oh, that we're not broken just bent/And we can learn to love again .”


        Pink’s  doubting, searching vocals  are hurting, looking under every nook and cranny of her memory to find what happened.  She can’t help but go over  everything she’s done to make him not want her anymore. Ruess’ sensitive, concerned vocals are  assuaging her pain while trying  to find the balance of not upsetting her than she already is and explaining she’s not blameless in the situation. They both stand up for their relationship, realizing the importance of the conversation.


     The private “Just Give Me A Reason” externalizes the knot in the stomach, tugging at the instincts that something is not right and unravels it with crisp heartbreak.

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