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Pitbull & Christina Aguilera

Feel This Moment

Album: Global Warming

Year: 2013



          Pitbull appreciates the opportunities he’s been given in the groggy   “Feel This Moment.”

           In the intro, Pitbull believes people need to seek help in order to succeed in life. A loan won’t get anyone anywhere if they don’t know how to use it right. He’s from a rough area which has some hidden beauty in it. Some people would comment on it and then move on. However, for him it was an everyday reminder that things could get better. (“Ask for money, and get advice/Ask for advice, get money twice
I'm from the dirty, but that chico nice/Ya'll call it a moment, I call it life.”)

            Christina Aguilera sings the chorus. In it, she says she will be on her deathbed in a luxurious mansion someday. However, she’s going to breathe in life and enjoy it. (“One day when the light is glowing/I’ll be in my castle golden/But until the gates are open/I just wanna feel this moment/I just wanna feel this moment/I just wanna feel this moment.”)

               Next, Pitbull namechecks both himself, Aguilera and the song title.  (“Mr Worldwide/Christina Aguilera/Oye mamita, come on, dale, que la cosa esta rica/I just wanna feel this moment.”)

              Then the once daydreaming synths which open A-Ha’s “Take On Me” are injected with some of Walter White’s pure crystal meth and zip around, corrupted and unable to settle down.  

              He’s living in a skyscraper in Tokyo, Japan. Even though he’s wealthy and a powerful person, he remember where he came from. He’s still a Miami guy at heart. He has a girlfriend who likes to read erotica in her spare time. He was able to land her by dressing in his best. He notes he has worked for his money  but it doesn’t want to be his life. Vacation days are always welcome. (“Feel this moment/Reporting live from the tallest building in Tokyo/Long ways from the hard ways/Bill sos, and oh yeas/Dade county always, 305 all day/Now baby we can parler, oh, baby we can party/She read books, especially about red rooms and tight ups/I got it hooked, cause she seen me in a suit with the red tie tied up/Meet and greet, nice to meet ya, but time is money/Only difference is I own it/Now let's stop time and enjoy this moment.”)

             The chorus is sung again.

          The A-ha sample takes another hit and zips around some more.

            He realizes he won’t have the position he’s in forever. One day, he will be old and have to retire. He won’t be able to physically do all things he wants to do. He brags he’s a smart businessman which is why he has gotten so far. Along the way, he has to let go of friends who he didn’t talk to as much while being taught by his mentor on how to make it. He’s made mistakes but still has a winning record like Don Shula, the former head coach of the Miami Dolphins. He’s made his money by learning about the competiton and then squashing them. He wants to visit the sights he’s seen in magazines with his girlfriend. (“Come on, feel this momentI see the future but live for the moment, make sense don't it/Now make dollars, I mean billions, I'm a genius, I mean brilliant/This street is what scoot ‘em/And made em slicker, to slick with the ruler/I've lost a lot, and learned a lot/But I'm still undefeated like Shula/I'm far from cheap, I break down companies with all my peeps/Baby we can travel the world/And not given view, and all you can see/Time is money/Only difference is I own it,/Like a stop watch, let's stop time and enjoy this moment.”)

          The chorus is sung again and the A-Ha sample has a seizure.

       At the end of the single, Aguilera sings “I just wanna feel this moment” twice.

     Pitbull’s conversational, buisnesslike vocals are pontifying as he espouses his wealth-driven philosophy towards life, expecting everyone to heed his advice (which wasn’t asked for in the first place) and be motivated to turn their lives around.


    Aguilera’s careful, conservative vocals are muzzled, limiting her to one riff and then are quickly restrained before she gets too carried away. She’s unusually submissive which given her history is jarring. If there was ever a time she needed to take over a single, “Feel This Moment” would’ve been it. Her riffs would’ve provided a jolt and gotten it moving.  


  The A-Ha sample is reduced to novice Hi-NRG Europop, indistinguishable and common. It’s makes the sampling worthless.

  The inflexible “Feel This Moment” sticks to the cliche, not even budging an inch.

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