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Girl Gone Wild

Album: MDNA

Year: 2012


         Madonna lets off steam at the dance club in the  tepid  “Girl Gone Wild.”


             Devoted synths open the single, setting a pious tone.  In the spoken intro, she apologizes to God for her questionable behavior. She isn’t proud of her actions. She cares about her faith and hopes God will forgive her. She promises to think the next time she goes out. (“Oh, my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee/And I detest all my sins/Because I dread the loss of heaven, and the pains of hell/But most of all because I love Thee/And I want so badly to be good.”)


                 Then, a lurid beat murmurs, erasing the idea.  


            She’s been at the club for about twenty minutes. She’s gotten her drink and waves to her friend, the DJ. He waves back, mouths “hey stranger” and puts on an electro beat. The beat entices her and she tries to get away with tapping her feet on the stool. (“It's so hypnotic/The way he pulls on me/It's like the force of gravity/Right up under my feet/It's so erotic/This feeling can't be beat/It's coursing through my whole body/Feel the heat.”)


         In the pre-chorus,  the beat hits its peak and she caves, charging to the dance floor. (“I got that burnin' hot desire/And no one can put out my fire/It's coming right down through the wire/Here it comes/When I hear them 808 drums/It's got me singing.”)


           In the chorus, she puts her arm around a random guy and moves his hands to her waist. She’ll be on the floor until 5 am. She follows Cyndi Lauper’s advice from 1982: girls just want to have fun (“Hey, ey, ey, ey/Like a girl gone wild/A good girl gone wild/I'm like, hey, ey, ey, ey/Like a girl gone wild/A good girl gone wild/Girls they just wanna have some fun/Get fired up like smokin' gun/On the floor til the daylight comes/Girls they just wanna have some fun/A girl gone wild/A good girl gone wild/I'm like a girl gone wild/A good girl gone wild.”)


             The room has become blurry to her and she’s now drunk. Usually, she will find a table and dance on it or start flashing people. She wants to be naughty.  (“The room is spinning/It must be the tanqueray/I'm about to go astray/My inhibition's gone away/I feel like sinning/You got me in the zone/DJ play my favorite song/Turn me on.”)

          The chorus is sung again.


         In the bridge, she realizes she will regret her actions later. She was raised to respect herself. However, she admits she never had a reputation as a proper woman. (“I know, I know, I know/I shouldn't act this way/I know, I know, I know/Good girls don't misbehave/Misbehave/But I'm a bad girl, anyway/Forgive me.”)

          The chorus is sung again to end the single.  


        Madonna’s paltry,  devitalized vocals are apathetic, reciting the lyrics in a bored manner and trying to get the single over as soon as possible to return home. Not without getting a couple digs in, though. Lady Gaga has the brunt of it, though. First, there’s the religious intro and then there’s the second verse. Cyndi Lauper, for some reason, has her signature hit “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” mentioned.


      The acrid “Girl Gone Wild” is interested in settling scores than being entertaining.

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