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Published on April 30, 2013 By Dusk411 In Music


Pour It Up

Album: Unapologetic

Year: 2013


          Rihanna gives everyone the middle finger except her hanger-ons in the entitled  “Pour It Up.”


           Slurring synths open the single, setting an unsteady tone. The chorus starts the single. She’s at a luxurious beach resort on an island, sunbathing. She rolls over to talk to one of her hanger-ons and tells him she’s bored. After leaving their blankets and food behind for someone else to clean up, she picks where to go. (“Throw it up, throw it up/Watch it all fall out/Pour it up, pour it up/That's how we ball out/Throw it up, throw it up/Watch it all fall out/Pour it up, pour it up/That's how we ball out.”)


          They head to the local strip club. Rihanna hands out several one hundred dollar bills to all her friends. When the female stripper dances on them, they all hand her the tip. While a couple strippers are rubbing against one of her friends, she snaps her fingers for a server and orders the the fifth round of Patron shots. After taking pictures and posting them on Instagram, Rihanna makes a toast to fame. They step out of the VIP room for a bit and watch the strippers gyrate, sliding and swinging around the poles. It’s 4 am and the crowd has grown smaller inside. Rihanna grabs a couple of her friends, some one hundred bills and walk straight to the stage. She most have spent at least $10,000. However, she’ll be able to make it back tenfold once she goes on tour. A young man eyes her and she smirks in response. He’s likely a wealthy buisnessman out impressing his clients. However, she’s holding an entire year’s worth of his salary in his pocket. No matter what he makes, he won’t be able to match her. (“Strip clubs and dollar bills/I still got more money/Patron shots can I get a refill?/I still got more money/Strippers goin' up and down that pole/And I still got more money/Four o'clock and we ain't going home/Cause I still got more money/Money make the world go round/I still got more money/Bands make your girl go down/I still got more money/Lot more where that came from/I still got more money/The look in yo eyes I know you want some/
I still got more money.”)


         In the pre-chorus, money is all she thinks about. money and what she will do with it once she has it. (“Oh/All I see is signs/All I see is dollar signs/Oh/Money on my mind/Money, money on my mind.”)

             The chorus is sung twice.

          The valet driver brings the car up front. She tips him about five hundred dollars and tells her driver they are ready to go. In her mouth, she had a mold of her front teeth made and  had a removable spiderweb cut gold grill made. She’s heard talk she’s going to  go bankrupt soon and be left with nothing if she continues. She blows it off. Her music career is stable. She’ll make another album. It’ll go platinum. Her perfume, Nude, is available in every department stores and it’s selling out. There also plans for another fragrance. She’s a superstar and famous. Her main concern is partying and looking good. (“Valet cost a hundred bills/I still got more money/Gold all up in my grill/I still got more money/Who cares how you haters feel/And I still got more money/Call Jay up and close a deal/I still got more money/My fragrance on and they love my smell/I still got more money/So who cares about what I spend/I still got more money/My pocket's deep, and they never end/I still got more money/I'm going dumb with all my friends/
I still got more money.”)

      The pre-chorus is sung again.


     The chorus is sung twice to end the single.


     Rihanna’s cocky, apathetic vocals are seedy, darkened with flourscent flourishes while crunching on the unwashed notes from the last single.  She’s going to do whatever she wants. It’s all about how much she can get with little, if any effort involved. Her money gives her the power over other people to make the decisions.

     The self-destructive “Pour It Up” is on an endless bender, its vision blurred by its ignorance.

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