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Mariah Carey & Miguel


Album: TBA

Year: 2013


          Miguel compliments his girlfriend on her attractiveness in the high maintenance       “#Beautiful.”


             A slinky guitar opens the single, setting an enticing tone. In the intro, Mariah Carey recounts each second with her boyfriend, leading up to his praise of her. He called her beautiful. He’s the sweetest guy. (“Ah, ah, you’re beautiful(Yeah)/Ah, ah, you’re beautiful.”)


                  Miguel has the first verse. He usually picks her up in his motorcycle. She runs to him, kissing him hard on the lips and scooches next to him. She puts her hands around him and her head on his shoulder. He revs up the engine and they drive off, her long blonde hair, catching in the wind and sticking to her mouth. He admires her curves and her warm smile. They could be arguing and all she has to do is turn her back to him and swish her hips to get to him apologize. He likes to take her out to the sand dunes and picnic. Then, they’ll go to a club. As she leads him to the dance floor, he checks out the shape of her butt which is outlined by her jeans. Once they are dancing, she pulls him close and rubs herself against him, he asks her to keep going. (“Hop on the back of my bike/Let the good wind blow through your hair/With an ass like that and a smile so bright/Oh, you’re killing me, you know it ain’t fair, yeah/Ride on through the middle of the night/Let the moonlight kiss your skin/When you dance like that, your jeans so tight/Oh, you’re killing me, baby do it again.”)

          In the chorus, he enjoys looking at her and talking with her. She’s a good person and he’s glad they are dating. (“You’re beautiful, and your mind is fucking beautiful/And I can’t pretend that doesn’t mean a thing to me, to me, yeah/You’re beautiful, good lord, you’re fucking beautiful/And I can’t pretend that  doesn’t mean a thing to me, to me, yeah, yeah.”)


      Carey takes the second verse. He’s a bad boy which is what drew her to him. When they are riding together, he’ll whisper to her “are you ready?” and then he’ll hit sixty miles an hour immediately, ignoring the traffic lights and the honks of cars behind him, swerving out of the way. He keeps calm and continues to speed until they arrive at the dunes. They got pulled over once and he didn’t even flinch. Unlike other guys she’s gone out with, he makes her feel pretty even on the days when her sinues are bothering her and she’s been coughing all day.  (“I like when you run red lights/Don’t stop ’til you thrill me, oh how you thrill me/Always in control, how you do it, I don’t know/But I don’t care, take me anywhere/‘Cause it’s beautiful, ooh you make me feel undressable/And I can’t pretend that that doesn’t mean a thing to me, to me, oh yeah.”)


         In the second chorus, Carey joins in. For her, the adoration is mutual.

      Miguel has the final section. He assures her won’t let anything happen to her.(“ Oh oh oh oh
Yeah yeah/You don’t know what you’re doing darling/Hop on back my bike darling/Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh/Don’t you worry darling.”)


    Miguel’s smitten, approachable vocals are genuine. He’s going out with a really sweet woman. He’s been riding his bike for a long time. He enjoys the air and showing off every once in a while. He did a couple wheelies to get Carey’s attention.  Miguel carries the single without breaking a sweat.


    Carey’s honoring, gooey  vocals are eager to please, tending to his every request .He validates her which means he can’t do any wrong. Under any circumstances, she can’t lose him. The dangerous, bad boy image seems to be her mind, though. It’s what she wants him to be.  In the single, she also does the least amount of work with the most credit. Her section stops the momentum, interrupting Miguel and threatening the spotlight be put on her.


       Hashtags, as song titles, do not work. It’s creating a false trend. If that much attention is needed, it’s time for a career evalution.


              The pulled “Beautiful” has been tucked and lipoed multiple times it doesn’t resemble anything human.

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