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Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull

Live It Up  

Album: N/A

Year: 2013


          Jennifer Lopez vamps it up for the crowd of men eyeing her in the lusterless    “Live It Up.”


        Severe synths open the single, setting an uncouth tone.  Pitbull introduces the song by stating he grew up in Miami, Florida and was an unknown, hoping to make it big to becoming a superstar, invited to the music industry’s main award show, the Grammys. He says it’s him, producer RedOne, and Lopez on the single. (“From the streets ofMiami, to presenting at the Grammys/Con el muslito de Jennifer, maybe now you understand me/Mr Worldwide, RedOne, and the beautiful Jennifer Lopez, dale.”)


         In his rap, he acknowledges it’s the third collaboration together.  It results in a hit for all of them, which is why they continue. He mentions he likes to party on the beach and has plenty of women.  However, she looks stunning taking a sip of water while lying on a blanket. They share the same temperament to live life to the fullest. She’s the temptress and he’s the willing bad boy. He adds several other unneeded clues that he’s talking about himself. He says he has fans all over the world, made a ton of money, and is a humanitarian.  He’s the most sought-after rapper right now. Attach his name to his name to a song and it’s a hit. He admits to bragging but it’s the truth. Then says it’s Lopez’s turn. (“We don't believe in defeat, that's why we're back for a three-peat/Hi Jenny, mira que esta loco, yo me lo como como pastelito coco/I get stupid on a beach, she wowo/I got mami, mamis by the boatload/Yo tengo la carne, y ella el mojo/I'm saying dale, she's screaming YOLO/She's little red riding hood, and guess who's the lobo, me la como/Who's name is globally known,/Who's name's on a check, and they adding an O/Who's name is on the Blimp with the world is yours/Who's name is on schools, huh/Slam for sure, I know it's hard to understand how a boy grew to a man/Man turned to a brand but guess what here I am/Jenny from the block, let's rock.”)


         While dancing around in the club, a dozen of guys’ eyes locked on hers. She grinned, threw her head back, moving her hands to the center of her body. From the corner of her eye, she sees Pitbull walk up to her. He joins her, putting his hands on her waist. She lowers her hands to his shoulders and presses her body against his. She squeezes his arm, feeling the muscle underneath, wondering what he looks like naked. (“You push me harder, I do the same/Boy wanna feel ya, in every way.”)


         In the pre-chorus, he shows off for her and then bumps into her arm. He tries to shrug it off, pretending it was part of the move. She shakes her head, telling him he doesn’t have to try so hard. It’s just for fun and there isn’t any need to be self-conscious.  She pulls him to the front of the dancefloor with her. Three songs later, she wipes her forehead with a napkin and then takes him to the bar where she orders a couple of shots for the both of them. (“Don't even wonder, it's just a game/We rocking body to body, let's go insane/I hit the spotlight, all night, ready to go/Give you a hard night, so tight, ready to blow/I'm in the spotlight, all night, ready to go/Give you a hard night, so tight, ready to blow.”)


            In the chorus, the bartender announces the last call. She tells him they hit another club or eat an early breakfast somewhere.  There is still much to do in the city. (“Oh, we can do anything we want/Live it up, so live it up, live it up, go, oh/And we ain't stopping till we done, live it up/So live it up, live it up, go go go go go go.”)


        There’s a pause and a monotonous RedOne interjects for people to be peaceful and sleep with random people. (“Make love, don't fight, let's hook tonight.”)

        The pacing beat winds itself up and freezes.

          RedOne says “Let’s hook tonight.”

          The DJ is playing the last song for the evening. She twirls around, making sure he can keep staring at her butt. When she catches him, he looks in another direction. After the song, she tells him it’s ok. She’s used to men staring at her. (“Turn up this mutha and let it play/I know you like my bumper/Don't be ashamed.”)

       The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.


           RedOne repeats his section again.


        In the bridge, Pitbull says she’s inspiring to other women and heads her own empire. It’s the truth, swearing on a future Grammy the song will win.  (“You name it she's done it/She's the reason that women run it/Bet this on a Grammy/Maybe now you understand me.”)

       The chorus is sung again.


       RedOne and his pacing beats return.

        RedOne says “Let's hook tonight” to close the single.


        Lopez’s teasing, elitist vocals grandstand, adding in extra flourishes, exaggerating for the maximum effect.  While dance music is her strength, she is still stuck in 2011, clinging to same idea with little change, praying it succeeds as it did before.

        Pitbull's rushed, resigned vocals are flagging, reciting the bullet points he was told to say. He mentions it’s the third collaboration with the obligatory comment and leaves it. At the end of the day, it’s a paycheck.

      The inbred “Live It Up” is a copy of a copy, sprouting an extra digit or two.

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