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Published on June 25, 2013 By Dusk411 In Music

Rihanna & David Guetta

Right Now

Album: Unapologetic

Year: 2013


                Rihanna gets into the heat of the moment in the breakneck “Right Now.”


              Rihanna’s vocals open the single as secretive synths surround her, setting an immediate tone.  The chorus opens the single. He exhales, the smoke leaving his half parted lips in round circles and then turns to watch her raise her cigarette to her lips. With his royal blue eyes and lean frame, he is a photographic image taken from a page with a searing sun and a young woman tangled in his arms. Somewhere, her hand is still reaching for him, awaiting his return. Tonight, she only wants him here. In the afternoon, a hiss of a rat could awaken her in his apartment. The stench of his breath, thick with chemicals, could cause her gag. There is no use retracing her steps from last night, throwing off the boy who was in her path and then entered her bed. (“Tomorrow way too far away/And we can't get back yesterday/But we young right now/We got right now/So get up right now/Cause all we got is right now/Tomorrow way too far away/And we can't get back yesterday/But we young right now/We got right now/So get up right now/Cause all we got is right now.”


            The secretive synths open up, its jaw chattering and squeaking.


          Their eyes are fixed on each other, sealing themselves off from the headlights in the parking lot and scattered conversations. He has full power over her and could lead her to where he desires at any time.  (“Baby tonight I need you/And I feel it when I see you/Wherever you wanna go/Whenever baby I'm yours.”)


         The chorus is sung again.


           The secretive synths open up again.


           Rihanna repeats “cause all we got is right now.”

          He tiptoes to her, closing in on her face, the scent of his sweat mixed with cologne lingering in her nose. She puts her hand around his neck and pushes him to her, kissing him. There was no stopping her. (“So close I can taste you/
Ain't scared I can take you/Can't fight the feeling/Got me feel feeling/You got me feeling.”)


           In the bridge, she believes she has set him free, letting him move and stretch his legs out of the blank landscapes he’s been living in. It may be casual but will have an impact on both of them. (“Something you wanted to do all your life/There's no more waiting tonight is the night/And it can't be wrong not if it feels this right/Turn it up, scream it loud, yeah.”)

         The chorus is sung again.


          The beats whoosh and click as she says “cause all we got is right now” to end the single.


      Rihanna’s elastic, virile vocals kindle, flickering and snapping. It’s a soft burn, leaving her aglow. For the first time since the previous three singles have been released, Rihanna’s alive and connected to the song.


      Guetta’s arrangement charges ahead, changing gears as the tires of beats screech on the notes, hightailing to the next section.


      The overpowering “Right Now” encapsulates a passionate moment.


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