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Pink & Lily Rose Cooper

True Love

Album: The Truth About Love

Year: 2013


            Sometimes Pink’s husband really gets on her nerves in the snug “True Love.”


          Wholesome keyboards open the single, setting a delighted tone.From across the hall, she can hear every word of her husband’s conversation over the cell phone. She turns the volume up on the television to block him out but it doesn’t really help. All she wants to do is relax and watch her favorite show. Outside of her family, he’s the one who knows her best. However, he forgets to pick up his laundry from the floor. He burns her toast every time. He annoys her to no end but he’s the one who she can talk to about whatever’s on her mind. (“Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say/Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face/There's no one quite like you, you push all my buttons down/I know life would suck without you.”)


             In the pre-chorus, she squeezes his arm as he walks back into the family room and joins her on the couch. He peels open the bag of potato chips and begins to stuffing them into his mouth, getting crumbs on the floor. She rolls her eyes, gets a bowl from the kitchen and moves the vacuum cleaner near her. She wishes he were neater. However, it’s a minor complaint. Who else would put with her quirks? But he has to know the floor doesn’t clean itself and the ants he complains seeing on the carpet were the cause of his earlier messes? (“At the same time I wanna hug you, I wanna wrap my hands around your neck/You're an asshole but I love you, and you make me so mad I ask myself/Why I'm still here, or where could I go?/You're the only love I've ever known, but I hate you/I really hate you, so much I think it must be.”)


           However, if she didn’t want to shake him every once in a while it wouldn’t be normal. If he picked up one day and said he was leaving, she would cry for months. (“True love true love/It must be true love/Nothing else can break my heart like true love/True love, it must be true love/No one else can break my heart like you.”)


            He apologizes and promises to vacuum when he’s done. Her louder-than-usual stomp to the living room must’ve gotten her point across. She doesn’t expect him to display candles around the house. But some consideration would be great. (“Just once try to wrap your little brain around my feelings/Just once please try no to be so mean/Repeat after me now R-O-M-A-N-C-E/Come on i'll say it slowly (Romance)/You can do it babe.”)


             The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.

               In the bridge, Lily Rose Cooper reiterates the same points Pink made. She adds though, that they are opposites and it’s a miracle they make their relationship work. (“Why do you rub me up the wrong way/Why do you say the things that you say/Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be/But without you i'm incomplete.”)


              The chorus is sung again to end the single.

          Pink’s exasperated, fretful vocals remain affectionate despite her irritation with him. At the end of the day, no relationship is perfect and it’s something she should expect from married life. She has no idea what to do with her husband sometimes. But she’ll keep him.


         Cooper’s proper, docile vocals shrink in the background. In her redudant section, her main purpose seems to be pretty up the single. However, doing so misses the entire point.  


         The realistic “True Love” tosses the fairy tale cliché up in the air a few times and smashes it into pieces.




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