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Christina Aguilera

Keeps Gettin’ Better

Album: Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade of Hits

Year: 2008


       Christina Aguilera likes to keep people guessing in the tonic  “Keeps Gettin’ Better.”


          Bracing synths open the single, setting a dominant tone. Her leather studded boots snap on the aluminum floor as people turn their heads in her directon, wondering where she’s going. She keeps her gaze straight ahead, not meeting the wide eyed people trying to read her as she walks past them. She’s fixed on the quiet guy in the corner, pretending to read his magazine. For the last hour or so, he’s been looking at her. Usually, it’s  the guys painted in tattoos, revving up the engines on their motorcycles who chat her up with cheap euphemisms  People ignore him on campus, thinking he’s weird. But like her, there seems to be an endless storm swirling around him, ready to begin thundering at any given time. People think she’s crazy, which doesn’t bother her. It’s the part of her personality other people latch onto. She approaches his seat, tangles her hand into his and runs with him to the nearest door. (“Step back, gonna come at you fast I'm drivin' out of control and gettin' ready to crash/Won't stop shakin' up what I can/ I serve it up in a shot, so suck it down like a man/So baby yes I know what I am and no /I don't give a damn/And you'll be lovin’  it.”)


            In the chorus, every once in awhile, her mean streak sizzles, blistering the edges of whomever or whatever she touches.  After she cools down, she’s trying to figure which non-profit to volunteer her time. But there’s a lot more to her he won’t ever see coming. (“Some days I'm a superbitch up to my old tricks/But it won’t last forever/Next day I'm your super girl out to save the world/And it keeps gettin’ better.”)


             Once outside, she kisses him hard on the lips.  As the shock wears off, he wants to know what she’s trying to do. She gives him a puzzled look, not answering him. He calms down and sighs. Finally, she asks him: “It’s what you wanted.” He won’t meet her eyes.  She tips his jaw with her finger. With his face towards her, she tells she’s not the average girl. (“Kiss kiss  gonna tell you right now/I’ll make it sweet on the lips or simply knock you out/Shut up I don't care what you say cause when we are both in the ring you’re gonna like it my way/Yeah baby there’s a feeling in me so sexy sour and sweet/And you'll be loving it.”)


              The chorus is sung again.



             In the bridge, she states within seconds, she can grab the attention of an entire room, maneuvering people into unlikely positions even if they think they are impenetrable to her. While she projects an intimidating image for everyone, she will let him see her vulnerable side.  (“Hold on it keeps getting better/Hold on it keeps getting better/In the blink of an eye,  in the heat of the night/ I hold the universe up while making  planets collide/When I strap on my boots and I slip on my suit/You see the vixen in me becomes an angel for you.”)

            The chorus is sung twice.


            Aguilera sings “hold on/keeps gettin’ better” twice to end the single.


            Aguilera’s laconic, autocratic vocals are compact, built dense and sealed with a protective casing. However, there’s a hidden microscopic hole in the corner that she will allow someone special to peek through and observe her.


             The charged “Keeps Gettin’ Better” benefits from songwriter and producer Linda Perry’s expert touches, which is a road Aguilera should consider discovering again.

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