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Katy Perry

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

Album: Teenage Dream

Year: 2011


             Katy Perry starts off the weekend with a legendary party in the hedonistic “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"


             Wavy synth opens the single, setting a spinning tone. She clutches her stomach and moans. While stretching underneath the covers, she bumped into something. She turns her head to see a guy sprawled out on her bed. Was he someone they met at the bar? A friend of a friend? She has absolutely no idea who the guy is at all.  Tiny pieces of glitter stick to her feet as she walks to the bathroom to get an aspirin. The vodka and scotch aftertaste gag her as she swallows the pill. She puts on the pink bathrobe hanging on the door and decides to survey the damage. In her backyard, her kitschy pink flamingos are floating in the pool. The DJ is drooling by his equipment with plastic cups surrounding him. On her barbecue, three Barbies are melted on the grill, their plastic bodies charred and disfigured. From her window, she spots a mark on her neck. She cranes her neck, wondering if she got it from the guy in her bed or if she stumbled and fell on something. (“There's a stranger in my bed/There's a pounding my head/Glitter all over the room/Pink flamingos in the pool/I smell like a minibar/DJ's passed out in the yard/Barbies on the barbeque/This a hickie or a bruise?”)


            In the pre-chorus,  her phone vibrates and beeps several times in her pocket. She checks it and views her Facebook page. On it, she has been tagged in several friends’ photo. One is involving the the logo of her company where she works. She shrugs. She’ll doesn’t want to think about the consquences right now. She can hardly remember what last night. But from the looks of her house and the posts online, it was a really good time. (“Pictures of last night/Ended up online/I'm screwed/Oh well/It's a blacked out blur/But I'm pretty sure it ruled/Damn.”)


            In the chorus, she’s seen pictures of her and her friends on the top of counter at the bar, hair in their faces as they shake their hips. She’s received a text message from her credit card company saying her limit has been met. They ordered shot after shot. She may kissed one of her girlfriends. Security took them down from the tables and led them right out on the street for their rowdy behavior. They walked along Sunset until they found a park. They decided to take off all their clothes and streak. Near there was a lake and they jumped in. Soon, she was having sex with two other people. They usually say they won’t get too out of control. However, someone always ends up with a misdemeanor. Her friend has already posted “Same time, next week!” on her wall. (“Last Friday night/Yeah we danced on tabletops/And we took too many shots/Think we kissed but I forgot/Last Friday night/Yeah we maxed our credit cards/And got kicked out of the bar/So we hit the boulevard/Last Friday night/We went streaking in the park/Skinny dipping in the dark/Then had a menage a trois/Last Friday night/Yeah I think we broke the law/Always say we're gonna stop-op/Whoa-oh-oah/This Friday night/Do it all again/This Friday night/Do it all again.”)


        She’s figured out most of the events. Her boss has likely seen the pictures from other people’s pages. On Monday, she’ll be called in to explain the photo. Somehow, saying she was drunk and doesn’t even remember doing it won’t be enough. Her car is nowhere to be found. She thinks she’s going to have to pick it up later. In her family room, she steps between the pieces of broken glass from her chandelier, sliding from some cloth on the floor. Underneath the chandelier is her slinky red dress, stained with liquor and muddy footprints. She receives a text message from her friends telling her the cops will be stopping by soon. Somebody saw them streaking and reported them. She reaches for a ginger ale in the refrigerator. As she snacks on oyster crackers, she sighs. She ended the night a sexual offender. It wasn’t what she had planned. (“Trying to connect the dots/Don't know what to tell my boss/Think the city towed my car/Chandelier is on the floor/With my favorite party dress/Warrants out for my arrest/Think I need a ginger ale/That was such an epic fail.”)


             The pre-chorus and chorus is sung again. A couple “do it all again’s” are added at end. (“This Friday night/Do it all again/Do it all again/This Friday night/Do it all again/Do it all again/This Friday night.”)


              In the bridge, a chorus of people chant “T.G.I.F.” six times and cheer. A retro saxophone gets a solo, giving the party an 80s theme.

             The chorus is sung again.

            At the end, Perry says “Do it all again” as the people cheer again.

             Despite her initial bewilderement at the scene, Perry becomes excited at the thought of trying to top it again next week. Her bubbly vocals belie any misgivings, knowing there’s a court date apperance. Her friends wouldn’t expect anything less. Their thinking is if someone doesn't end up on probation after one of her parties, not enough fun was had. 

              The naughty “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” throws a party worth crashing. Just don't expect to have a job in the morning.

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