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Published on September 30, 2013 By Dusk411 In Music

Christina Aguilera

Slow Down Baby

Album: Back To Basics

Year: 2007


Christina Aguilera wards off unwelcome advances from guys in the        upfront “Slow Down Baby.”


               In the intro, a male vocal says the song’s title as Aguilera adlibs in the background. The trumpets flare, setting an imperative tone. (“Stop/Slow down baby/Slow down baby/Slow down baby/Slow down baby/Stop/Slow down baby/Whoa yeah (Slow down baby)/Oh (Slow down baby)/Hey (Slow down baby)/Whoa oh (Stop, slow down baby.”)


           He still can’t be looking. She glances over her shoulder and she sees him, staring at her. He waves and she turns her head back to her friends, rolling her eyes. On her way to the bathroom, she sees him crane his neck to watch her. In his expensive Italian suit and crunchy gelled hair, he’s the type who thinks he’ll snap his fingers and she’ll swoon. As she returns back to her table, the guy’s jaw is agape. (“I can tell that you're into me, uh/Baby it's so plain to see/I can see it in your eyes/You're paralyzed/Every time I pass you by/You're the kind that gets your way, uh/Every minute, every single day/I can see it all in your face/You're blown away/’Cause I don't want you in my space.”)


        He approaches her, standing right in front her while blocking her view of her table. He tells her she’s beautiful. He takes a quick look at her hand, noticing the golden band around her finger and continues with his spiel. She says nothing, a WTF expression on her face. (“You're struttin' 'round here like you think that I can't do without you/You got some nerve to think that I would give up everything.”)

         In the chorus, she tells him she’s unavailable and to stop before he tries to another way to sell her on how awesome he is. She has no intention of starting a steamy affair with him. It’s not going to happen. (“Slow down baby/And don't act crazy/Don't you know you can look all you want but you just can't touch? (Just can't touch no)/So slow down baby (Hey)/I'm not your lady (Lady)/Boy you're never gonna get it from me ‘cause I'm with someone.”)


           A variation of the intro segues into the next verse. (“Slow it down/Slow it down/Oh oh whoa/Slow it/Slow it/Stop/Slow down baby.”)


         He apologizes, stumbling over his words as his face reddens. She smirks, thinking it’s probably the first time any woman has told him off. She continues to say that she doesn’t have any need for a wannabe Gordon Gecko, believing he’s the center of the universe, treating the women he takes to bed like accessories. (“After all of the games you played/How's it feel to finally get a taste?/You can dish it out but can you take the bed you've made?/Go lie in it for a change/I'm not falling for your stupid lines/I know you've dished them 'bout thousand times/Saying nothing but a nursery rhyme/But I won't buy it/Baby don't you even try.”)


        In the pre-chorus, she walks back to her table, grateful for her kind husband waiting at home for her. (“You comin' 'round here like you think that everything's about you/If you knew anything, you'd realize I'm wearing a ring.”)

             The chorus is sung again.


             In the bridge, she wonders about guys like him. Is it the thrill of the chase or a just a chance to instill some drama into their lives? She feels sorry him (a little). A harem of beautiful women must’ve been enticing in the beginning. But wouldn’t the emptiness of it all eventually set in once he realizes he’s completely alone? (“Do you really wanna waste your time?/Don't you have better things to do with life?/Listen I don't wanna get you down/But I ain't never gonna mess around/So how many ways do I have to say.”)
              The chorus is again.


              Part of the chorus is sung to close the single. (“So slow down baby (Slow down baby)..don't you know you can look all you want but you just can't touch? (You just can't touch no)/Stop/Slow down baby.”)


           Aguilera’s barbed vocals wound his ego with every twist of her tongue. Now is not the time to for manners. He will only take it as her playing hard to get and hang around even longer. She needs for him to get the point now and leave her alone. Reality is there are people who don’t care if the other person is a relationship or not, they will still press forward.  She handles the situation the best she can.


           The absolute “Slow Down Baby” won’t take any disrespect towards her relationship, shutting it to down with a resounding thud.  

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