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Published on October 21, 2013 By Dusk411 In Music

Drake & Rihanna

Take Care

Album: Take Care

Year: 2012


            Drake lets Rihanna figure things out on her own in the sincere  “Take Care.”


             An interested piano opens the single, setting an affected tone. Rihanna sings the chorus to start the single. Drake’s kind words stick out her in mind. He understands she’s afraid to be with someone again. He’s noticed her hard looks, daring people to ask her how she’s doing.  He explained that a couple years ago, he went through a difficult breakup with his first love. However, he’s willing to try again with her and become a steady presence in her life. (“I know you've been hurt, by, someone else/I can tell by the way, you carry yourself/If you let me, here's what I'll do/I'll take care of you/I've loved and I've lost.”)


                The stirring beat coils, folding unto itself.


                 Drake tells her that he knows about her ex-boyfriend. He was worried and was wondering if he had done something wrong. She turns her face away from him and he tells her it’s ok. His opinion of her hasn’t changed. Her past is her past and it can’t be changed. He says they’ve become really close and knows the sensitive side she hides from her friends. The stories he heard about her ex-boyfriend ticked him off. He lead her on, saying they would get married one day. However, he then cheated on her every chance he had. The humilation still eats at her, bothering her everyday. It ruined whatever self-esteem she had. He says that unlike her ex, he’s honest and give her time. He says really likes her and hopes she thinks of him. They’ll have dinner and just talk. (“I've asked about you, and they told me things/But, my mind didn't change and I still feel the same/What's a life with no fun, please don't be so ashamed/I've had mine, you've had yours./We both know, we know./They won't get you like I will/My only wish is I die real/Cause that truth hurts and those lies heal/And you can't sleep thinking that he lies still/So you cry still, tears all in her pillowcase/Big girls all get a little taste/Pushing me away, so I give her space/Dealing with a heart that I didn't break/I'll be there for you, I will care for you/I keep thinking you just don't know/Tryna run from that, say you done with that/On your face girl it just don't show/When your ready, just say your ready/When all the baggage just ain't as heavy/And the party's over just don't forget me/We'll change the pace, and we'll just go slow.”)


          In the pre-chorus, he explains to her that she has gotten to know him well enough to see he’s trustworthy. She won’t have to seek his permission on every decision. She can discuss her feelings without him demeaning them. (“You won't ever have to worry/You won't ever have to hide/And you have seen all my mistakes/So look me in my eyes.”)


           Rihanna sings part of the chorus. (“Cause if you let me, here's what I'll do/I'll take care of you/I've loved and I've lost.”)


             The stirring beat retuns again.


             His best friend wheedles, saying he turns 27 once and they should go out. He responds they can celebrate next weekend. Right now, he wants to be left alone in his apartment.  He hangs up the phone and lights up a joint. As he puffs, his troubles with his sort-of girlfriend get lost inside the fog of his mind. In order to stay in her life, he’ll remain friends with her. However, it hurts him when he hears that she doesn’t care about him at all. It angers him that one guy taught her that love was frivolous. After doing some thinking, he’s ok with it, remembering how after his own breakup, he often talked himself out of dating some sweet girls. However, it wasn’t how he really felt. (“It's my birthday, I'll get high if I want to/Can't deny that I want you/But I'll lie if I have to. Cause you don't say you love me/To your friends when they ask you/Even though we both know that you do, you do/One time, been in love one time/You and all your girls in the club one time/All so convinced that you're following your heart/Cause your mind don't control what it does sometimes/We all have our nights though/Don't be so ashamed/I've had mine, you've had yours/We both know, we know.”)


          In the pre-chorus, he says she’d rather be in a relationship. However, her ex has caused to question every guy’s behavior. She believed her ex was the right one. But he wasn’t. Her family and friends were cowards, they couldn’t tell her the truth about him. Instead, they pushed her to continue dating him. (“You hate being alone when you ain't the only one/You hate the fact that you bought the dream/When they sold you one/And you love your friends/But somebody should have told you somethin/To save you/Instead they say.”)


        In the bridge, the male vocal mimics the dismissive people in her life who’d prefer not to hear about her problems, thinking she’s exaggerating and don’t want to get involved.. Later, use her words against her after the damage has been done, claiming she should’ve come to them.  (“"Don't tell me, I don't care, if you hurt/I don't tell you, you don't care if you're true/Don't tell me, I don't care, if you hurt/I don't tell you, you don't care, if you're true.")


           Rihanna sings the chorus once more to end the single.

          Rihanna’s wistful vocals need to believe. She’d had given up on real love long ago. Since her last relationship, she’s only had one-night stands and some regular hook-ups. Something inside, despite her hesitation, is telling her he’s ok. But she has to hear it first.

       Drake’s forgiving rap is prudent with his words, knowing the wrong phrase could scare her away. He realizes before he will get anywhere with her, she has to reassured. If he could change what happened to her, he would. For now, he has no choice but to be extraordinarily patient and a good friend.

           The hopeful “Take Care” bandages a gaping, bleeding wound, doing its best to keep it clean.

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