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Published on October 30, 2013 By Dusk411 In Music

Pitbull & Kesha


Album: Global Warming: Meltdown

Year: 2013


         Pitbull can get even the most  frigid women to fall for him in the exhausting  “Timber.”


          A hokey harmonica starts the single, setting a rustic tone. Kesha sings part of the chorus to begin the single. From the dance floor, he flashes her a certain grin, beckoning her to join him. She struts over to him and cocks her head to the side, telling him that he has to earn his night with her. She whispers in his ear that he’ll be thinking of her every time after. (“It's going down, I'm yelling timber/You better move, you better dance/Let's make a night, you won't remember/I'll be the one, you won't forget.”)

            A woman rolls her eyes at him as he passes by her. He rubs his thumb across his cheek and smirks. All it would take for him to give her kiss on her hand and be a gentleman for a couple hours.  Some women need to be treated like ladies and some need to be tamed, acting like a feral animal for his body. Despite the differences, they all turn into exhibitionist pop stars, half-naked in his bedroom, screaming through the night. He’s learned to sell himself well by avoiding obvious pick-up lines and beginning with casual conversation. (“The bigger they are, the harder they fall/This biggity boy's a diggity dog/I have 'em like Miley Cyrus, clothes off/Twerking in their bras and thongs, timber/Face down, booty up, timber/That's the way we like the war, timber/I'm slicker than an oil spill/She say she won't, but I bet she will, timber.”)

           In the pre-chorus, he buys plenty of drinks. Mostly shots, which they toast to good times and then they dance until they are thirsty again. (“Swing your partner round and round/End of the night, it's going down/One more shot, another round/End of the night, it's going down/Swing your partner round and round/End of the night, it's going down/One more shot, another round/End of the night, it's going down.”)

          Kesha sings the chorus twice.

         Kesha’s “whoa’” in between, clapping to the music, telling everyone to stick their tongues out and hump.

          Pitbull enjoys his lavish lifestyle. He travels from city to city, waking up to a new skyline every morning. There isn’t any need to check the price tag of anything anymore.  Money is no longer something he has to worry about. After performing, he heads out to party at the hottest club. (“Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane/Nah, it's just me, ain't a damn thing changed/Live in hotels, swing on plane/Blessed to say, money ain't a thing/Club jumping like Lebron, now, Voli/Order me another round, homie/We about to climb, wild, 'cause it's about to go down.”)

          The pre-chorus is sung again.

           Kesha sings the chorus twice to end the single.

         Pitbull’s defensive rap bellows, trying to prove his virility. Sensitive to rejection, he’d rather exclaim his enduring sexual prowess than actually admit some women are not impressed by someone famous.


             Kesha’s vigilant vocals keep Pitbull’s at arms length. He may want her but he will have to be on her terms. His persistence, though, is pissing her off. He won’t leave her alone for even a second.


         The Miley Cyrus pop culture reference is very “of the moment.” Anyone following even the headlines of celebrity gossip will know what he’s talking about.  Five years from now (or sooner), after someone else has captured the public’s attention, it won’t be relevant anymore.


         The odd “Timber” is a laser-lit square dance taken hostage by the hot pants and glitter crowd who fall over drunk in their stilettos trying to make the steps sexy.




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