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Published on December 15, 2013 By Dusk411 In Music

Katy Perry & Juicy J

Dark Horse

Album: Prism

Year: 2013


            Katy Perry takes her crush by surprise in the charismatic “Dark Horse.”


           Focused synths open the single, setting an enigmatic tone.  From the moment she saw him, she knew he was her type. While waiting in line for their coffee, he started talking to her about not really understanding the lingo when he ordered. He mentioned something about a girlfriend later as he paid. He told her it was nice meeting her and left to go to work. Over the past six months, their conversation went from small talk to setting up a meeting time. Yesterday, he said he wanted to see if she would like to go to dinner. Nothing serious, just keeping it uncomplicated. She told him yes, thinking of how she could impress him. She yearns to be the most beautiful woman to him, the one he could love forever.  However, if he blows her off or dumps her for a petty reason, he’ll regret it. (“I knew you were/You were gonna come to me/And here you are/But you better choose carefully/Cause I'm capable of anything/Of anything and everything/Make me your Aphrodite/Make me your one and only/But don't make me your enemy/Your enemy, your enemy.”)


             In the pre-chorus, she tells she’s unlike other girls. He may find himself involved in a long-term relationship. He won’t even know what him. (“So you wanna play with magic/Boy you should know what you're fallin' for/Baby do you dare to do this/Cause I'm comin' at you like a dark horse.”)


            In the chorus, she says it will take on big moment and he will be pulling her in a for long kiss, declaring his feelings for her.  (“Are you ready for/Ready for

A perfect storm, perfect storm/Cause once you're mine, once you're mine/There's no going back.”)


            She says their relationship will be blissful. He’ll be content, knowing he has found his other half. However, he’s will plummet through the earth, trapped with his misery if he decides not to pursue it further. However, he has to be willing to get past his fear of being in a committed relationship. There’s isn’t any gray area. Being with her is something he actually has to want.  (“Mark my words/This love will make you levitate/Like a bird, like a bird without a cage/But down to earth/If you choose to walk away/Don't walk away/It's in the palm of your hand now, baby/It's a yes or a no, no maybe/So just be sure/Before you give it all to me/All to me/Give it all to me.”)


            The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.


            Juicy J knew something like this would happen to him sooner or later. Ever since he was a teenager, he’s gone out with a girls a few times and then broke it off. She knows exactly what to expect from him and won’t let him get away with his games. She’s a caring person. It’s hard not to fall for her. If he lets her go, he’s an idiot. He knows if he screws her over in anyway, he’ll lose her. He plans on marrying her. He originally intended to sleep with her a couple times. However, he soon found himself wanting to talk to her about everyday things. (“She's a beast/I call her Karma/She eat your heart out/Like Jeffrey Dahmer/Be careful/Try not to lead her on/Shorty’s heart was on steroids/Cause her love was so strong/You may fall in love/When you meet her/If you get the chance you better keep her/She swears by it but if you break her heart/She turn cold as a freezer/That fairy tale ending with a knight in shining armor/She can be my Sleeping Beauty/I'm gon' put her in a coma/Damn I think I love her/Shorty so bad/I'm sprung and I don't care/She got me like a roller coaster/Turn the bedroom into a fair/Her love is like a drug/I was tryna hit it and quit it/ But lil'mama so dope/I messed around and got addicted.”)


             The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again to end the single.


           Perry’s carnal vocals locks in his gaze, seemingly making him view her in slow motion. Long ago, she realized she received attention without knowing it. There’s something about her that is unexplainable.


          Juicy J’s shell-shocked rap speaks about his experience to his unbelieving group of friends. They want to hear about the woman who changed their once tough friend into a sap, quoting fairytales.


         The reference to Sleeping Beauty is fresh while twisted a bit. The Disney version could be considered a cult classic and usually isn’t the go-to fairytale. He compares himself to the evil fairy which is a stretch.  If Juicy J would’ve said Aurora instead of coma, it would’ve been downright awesome.


          The sensual “Dark Horse” builds to a fantastic finish.



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