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Shania Twain

Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

Album: Come On Over

Year: 1999


                  Shania Twain has a girls’ night in the  whimsical  “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”


                 An attention-getting guitar opens the single, setting a mischievous tone.  She announces to her girlfriends that tonight is going to be a lot of fun. (“Let’s go, girls/Come on.”)


                She’s been looking forward to hanging out with her friends for ages. Tonight, they are going to leave the boyfriends, husbands, and kids at home. They are getting those halter dresses out of the closet and heading to the bar. She’s warned her friends already: expect her to be loud and dancing along to every song. As they were planning their night out, they agreed to be inapproriate. They aren’t going use their indoor voices or be proper. (“I'm going out tonight, I'm feelin' alright/Gonna let it all hang out/Wanna make some noise/Really raise my voice/Yeah, I wanna scream and shout/No inhibitions, make no conditions/Get a little outta line/I ain't gonna act politically correct/I only wanna have a good time.”)


           In the pre-chorus, she says women have earned the right to have a break and let loose. (“The best thing about being a woman/Is the prerogative/To have a little fun and.”)


            In the chorus, she’s already decided on her outfit for tonight: her favorite shirt of her boyfriend’s and a demin skirt that reaches mid-thigh. She’s going to participate in the games at the bar. She can do whatever she wants. She could even change her hair color if she chooses. But tonight, they aren’t girlfriends or moms. They are women. (“Oh, oh, oh totally crazy/Forget I'm a lady/Men's shirt,  short skirts/Oh, oh, oh really go wild, yeah/Doin' it in style/Oh, oh, oh get in the action,  feel the attraction/Color my hair/Do what I dare/Oh, oh, oh I wanna be free/Yeah, to feel the way I feel/Man! I feel like a woman!”)


        From her bedroom, she can hear the telephone. She puts down the perfume and answers it. It’s her friend. She says she can’t wait. She’s been needing a night out in a long time. Aside from her husband, she hasn’t had any adult company. She also says the party bus company called her earlier to confirm the time. It’s all set. Twain squeals. They aren’t concerned with men. All are in stable relationships and wouldn’t do anything to jeapordize it. They are only going out to unwind from their daily lives. (“The girls need a break/Tonight we're gonna take/The chance to get out on the town/We don't need romance/We only wanna dance/We're gonna let our hair hang down.”)


            The pre-chorus and chorus are sung twice.


             In the final section, she’s energized and ready to go now. 8 pm can’t come quickly enough. (“I get totally crazy/Can you feel it/Come, come, come on baby/I feel like a woman.”)


                Twain’s scampish vocals wink and have an enticing pull. She’s going to get people on the dancefloor no matter what. Being silly is the entire point. The traditional gender roles she finds herself comforming to do not apply. Her boyfriend can fend for himself for one night and work can hold off an extra day.


             The sociable  “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” was made for the hairbrush microphones.

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