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Published on January 18, 2014 By Dusk411 In Music

Britney Spears

If  U Seek Amy

Album: Circus

Year: 2009


                Britney Spears is in on the joke in the  cheeky  “If You Seek Amy.”

              She “la la la’s,” accompanied by stern drums  to the open the single, setting a  ironic tone.


              At the club, she inquires to the man who has been eyeing her if she has seen Amy at all? She describes her, using her arm to demonstrate height. She points to the bathroom and to the door, seeing if he knows anything. He laughs, finally catching on to what she was really asking him. She adds that maybe Amy would like a drink, perhaps a Bloody Mary or Cosmopolitian. He wonders if he can guess. (“Oh baby, baby/Have you seen Amy tonight?/Is she in the bathroom, is she smoking up outside?/Oh baby, baby/Does she take a piece of lime/For the drink that I'ma  buy her/Do you know just what she likes?”)


          In the pre-chorus, she continues to say she’s thinking been about her nonstop. She’s heard there’s a private party later and she’s going to be there. However, she needs a ride back home and it’s going to be an awfully lonely there. (“Oh, oh/Tell me have you seen her because I'm so, oh/I can't get her off of my brain/I just want to go to the party she's going to/Can't somebody take me home/Ha ha he he ha ha ho.”)


           In the chorus, she shrugs off the stares of the ticked off men men and women whose significant others have turned their heads towards her. Men and women are both attracted to her. There’s nothing she can do about it. (“Love me, hate me/Say what you want about me/But all of the boys and all of the girls /Are begging to if you seek Amy/Love me, hate me/But can't you see what I see?/All of the boys and all of the girls /Are begging to if you seek Amy (Love me, hate me.”)


            She “la la la’s” again.

          She tells the man she was supposed to be here by at least 9 pm. But now, it’s late. She didn’t show up. She adds she doesn’t know her all that well, just from friends. Amy would recongnize her, though. She cranes her neck from left to right, checking to see if she’s anyone familiar. She pouts, saying maybe Amy is around here somewhere. The club is still packed, though and she can’t get a good look. (“Amy told me that's she's going to meet me up/I don't know where or when and now they're closing up the club/I've seen her once or twice before, she knows my face/But it's hard to see with all the people standing in the way.”)

              The pre-chorus is sung again.


             A variation of the chorus is sung. (“Love me, hate me/Say what you want about me/But all of the boys and all of the girls/Are begging to if you seek Amy/Love me, hate me/But can't you see what I see?/All of the boys and all of the girls /Are begging to if you seek Amy/(Love me, hate me) Say what you want about me/Oh, but can't you see what I see/Say what you want about me.”)


           In the bridge, she mentions he can recall her outfit? Was it a sequined camisole and skinny jeans, she says adjusting the strap of her own camisole. She shakes her head, telling him she’s tired of waiting. She leans into him and says she’s heard quite the temper. She says he wants to know if he’s been waiting for Amy, too. It’s because of her they struck up conversation, why not hang out? They live in the same area and he’s already on his way home. It just makes sense. Her boyfriend kisses her and they leave the club.  (“So tell me if you see her (If you knew what she was wearing and what she was like)/Because I've been waiting here forever/(Let me know if she was goin’ out of her mind)/Oh baby, baby, if you seek Amy tonight/Oh baby, baby, we'll do whatever you like/Oh baby, baby, baby/Oh baby, baby, baby.”)


           She “la la la’s” again.

          The chorus is sung again to close the single.


        Spears’ ingenuous vocals play it straight, acting as though as Amy is a real person. By pretending Amy is real, it turns into a couple’s game and a form of verbal foreplay. The phrase itself is immature and doesn’t make sense when it’s added in the sentence. However, the single does acknowledge it by adding in the “ha ha ha he ho’s.” Not once does it take itself seriously which is one of the main reasons why it succeeds.

            The knowing “If U Seek Amy” nudges so much, it leaves a bruise.

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