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Mariah Carey

You’re Mine (Eternal)

Album: N/A

Year: 2014



           Mariah Carey can’t forget a summer romance in the afflicted “You’re Mine (Eternal.)”

A sappy synth opens the single, setting a blubbering tone. In the intro, she looks at a picture of her ex-boyfriend and says that he will always be hers. (“Mine (mine)/Mine/Mine (you're mine)/Mine.”)


            The pre-chorus opens the single. She thinks about him every day. The isolation of being him away has gotten to be too much to bear. He used to tell her that her eyes were full of life and he couldn’t ever turn her down. (“I can't seem to live without your love/Suffocating here by myself dying for your touch/Spring time eyes that get you every time/And I just can't seem to give you up/You're mine.”)


            In the chorus, she remembers him telling her she would have to be the one to break up with him. He wanted to be with her forever. She thought they were a compatible couple. He’s in her dreams every night, taking her to the beach again or playing her love interest in her brain’s fanfic version of “Firefly.” (“You make me feel/Our love would never end/How can I forget/Baby we were the best/Suffered dreams of you all through the night/And baby I can't seem to give you up/You're mine/I can't seem to give you up/You're mine (baby you're mine)/I can't seem to give you up/You're mine.”)


            They first got together in the summer. They spent the entire day outside, having a morning picnic and taking walks on the promenade. She couldn’t wait to make love to him. However, once the September came around, he broke up with her. As she cried, he yelled that she knew it was temporary. Even now, she wonders if she wasn’t good enough for him to even try a long distance relationship. (“Summer days and summer nights/When I felt you in my arms/Didn't I want you badly/Wanted to let you have me/Autumn days and stormy nights/When you crushed me with your charms/Didn't I need you madly/Now I'm lying here falling apart.”)


            The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.

In the bridge, she sings a variation on the chorus. (“You make me feel/Like love would never end/Tell me how can I forget that/My baby we were the best/I suffer in dreams of you all through the night/And baby I can't seem to/Give you up/You're mine.”)


             The last part of the chorus ends the single. (“I can't seem to give you up/You're mine/I can't seem to give you up/You're mine.”)




           Carey’s spindly vocals, flattened and emotionless after years of overuse, appear to be healthy. However, once she tries to reach the high notes, they are not glorious as intended. They are ear-splitting and strained while likely destroying whatever’s left of her voice. At this point in time, no high notes are worth the ruination. 


           Her lyrics, aiming to be poetic, turn out to be ostentatious. There is enough flowery prose to water the eyes and clog the nostrils.


           The corrosive “You’re Mine (Eternal)” has to accept the glory days (and notes) are gone.





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