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Published on May 11, 2014 By Dusk411 In Music

Avril Lavigne

Hello Kitty

Album: Avril Lavigne

Year: 2014


             Avril Lavigne reverts to a 13-year-old in the  kooky  "Hello Kitty."


               In the intro, Lavigne says "thank you, cute cute" in Japanese ("Minna saikō, arigatō, ka-ka-ka-kawaii/Ka-ka-ka-kawaii."). Frazzled beats bump into each other, setting an out of control tone.


           Between classes, she tells her  friend that tonight her mom is going to be at her boyfriend's house. They will have the house to themselves. She says she's inviting a bunch of people over for a party. It's going to be a co-ed sleepover. She's totally going to ask her crush to come over. She says to keep it top secret. She doesn't want any of the losers to find out. After school, her friends raid her refrigerator. A friend of her squeals that she found cupcakes. Lavigne says it's their dinner tonight. She smears frosting on her friend's ear. In response, her friend grabs a cupcakes and throws it at her, just missing her face and capsizing on the floor. The doorbell rings and they all scream, wondering which boy is arriving first. Yellow and green spots sprinkle the carpet as they race to the front door. She opens the door and decides to play it cool. It's her crush! She flips her hair and touches her necklace (which lets boys know she likes them according to her Seventeen magazine.) She leads him to the kitchen and says they have all kinds of snacks. While he munches on some pretzels, she whispers to her friend to get the bottle to play. In her living room, the boys and girls sit across from each other. Once it gets to her turn, she keeps her hand on the bottle, trying to manipulate it to land on her crush. It totally does! She gives him a kiss on the lips, glad she put on bubblegum lip gloss earlier. Now, the scent of bubblegum will remind her crush of her. Then, one of the  boys suggests truth or dare. In the middle of the night, she's throwing eggs at a neighbor's car. Later, they all change into their sleepwear. She chose a cute Hello Kitty tank top and shorts. As she poses, her best friend hits her with her pillow. Lavigne grabs hers from her bed and gets her arm. A lamp gets caught in the crossfire, dropping onto the floor and breaking. However, it goes unnoticed among the flying feathers in the air. ("Mom's not home tonight/So we can roll around have a pillow fight/Like a major rager, OMFG (oh-oh, oh-oh)/Let's all slumber party/Like a fat kid on a pack of Smarties/Someone chuck a cupcake at me/It's time for spin the bottle/Not gonna talk about it tomorrow/Keep it just between you and me/Let's play truth or dare now/We can roll around in our underwear how/Every silly kitty should be.")

In the pre-chorus, she sees her Hello Kitty figurines on her dresser, marching onto the floor from the movement. She yells at everyone to stop right now. ("Come Come/Kitty Kitty/You're so pretty pretty/Don't go Kitty Kitty/Stay with me/Come Come/Kitty Kitty/You're so silly silly/Don't go Kitty Kitty/Play with me.")


          In the chorus, she says Hello Kitty is her favorite character. Her room is adorned with it: pillows, bedspread, clock, tablet case. It's become her hobby. ("Ka-ka-ka-kawaii/Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty/Hello Kitty, you're so pretty/Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty/Hello Kitty, you're so silly.")


         At about 4 am, she taps her best friend on the arm, telling her to get up, get up now. Once awake, she tells her she has to tell her friend a secret. It's really important and she can't tell anybody. Her friend says yes, of course. Lavigne raises her pinky and says "do you pinky swear?" Her friend raises her pinky and they link them. In her drawer, she finds her favorite Hello Kitty necklace and gives it to her friend. She says tells he that she's her best friend.  She wants to hang out with her more. She's the only other person who likes Hello Kitty as much as she does. ("Wake up got a secret/Pinky swear that you're gonna keep it/I've got something you need to see/Let's be friends forever/I wanna do everything with you together/Come and play with Kitty and me.")


          The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.

In the bridge, she says "thank you, cute cute" Japanese again. Then, she imitates a cat with a "meow!" ("Minna saikou, arigato, ka-ka-ka-ka-kawaii/Minna saikou, arigato, ka-ka-ka-ka-kawaii/Ka-ka-ka-ka-kawaii/Ka-ka-ka-ka-kawaii/Ka-ka-ka-ka-kawaii/Ka-ka-ka-ka-kawaii/Meow!")


          The chorus is sung again.


           The pre-chorus is sung twice.


             Lavigne says "hello kitty" twice to end the single.



              Lavigne's scant vocals, amidts the bizarre hybrid of stolen Skrillex beats from Spring Breakers and her milky pop/rock mix, act like a preteen who just discovered her first pimple. However, she's nearing 30 now and it's not only inapproriate but also really perverse. It's an obvious freakout to turning 30, which she can't handle. Which means by the time she's 40, she's going to be gurgling and babbling made up words in her music. "Hello Kitty" is a part of Japanese culture (and pop culture in general.) She could've told us what she likes about Japan and her experiences there. But then she would've had to admit she's an adult.



          The  sketchy  "Hello Kitty' puts the lovable anime character in the bikini-clad glow of cocaine-infused beats and Kool-Aid dyed hair, letting her fend for herself amongst amoral adults waiting to groom her.



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