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Album: Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded

Year: 2008


           Rihanna transforms into a supernatural creature in the  guileful   “Disturbia.”


          A muffled scream opens the single, Rihanna “ba-da-dee-dums” over medicated synths, setting an unconscious tone.  In the intro, she stops her car and rubs her head. The pain between her eyes won’t go away. She rests her head on the steering wheel and breathes. Her legs shake and she can’t stand still. (“What's wrong with me?/Why do I feel like this?/I'm going crazy now.”)


           She’s been driving and driving, hoping it would allow her to relax. Then, the car comes to a complete stop in the middle of the road. She isn’t sure where she is. She turns the key and the engine coughs. After several tries, she gives up. A sharp pain stabs her jaw and she cries out. She wails, yelling out “Stop! Stop! Stop!” and lays down on the passenger seat. (“No more gas, in the red/Can't even get it started/Nothing heard, nothing said/Can't even speak about it/All my life on my head/Don't want to think about it/Feels like I'm going insane/Yeah.”)


             In the pre-chorus, her memories have crumbled into pieces. She isn’t certain what’s real or fantasy. She holds onto the seat and rests her against the window. Despite the short tap, it breaks the glass. She screams, afraid of her sudden strength and need to destroy something. (“It's a thief in the night/To come and grab you/It can creep up inside you/And consume you/A disease of the mind/It can control you/It's too close for comfort.”)


              In the chorus, she takes off her car door and starts walking around. Whatever she is, she’s not human anymore. She lets out a growl. She hopes no one is in the woods. They may not survive. (“Throw on your break lights/You're in the city of wonder/Ain't gonna play nice/Watch out, you might just go under/Better think twice/Your train of thought will be altered/So if you must falter, be wise/Your mind is in disturbia/It's like the darkness is the light/Disturbia/Am I scaring you tonight/Your mind is in disturbia/Ain't used to what you like/Disturbia/Disturbia.”)


             A loud whisper rattles her. She touches a picture frame hanging on the wall. She backs away from the photos and the voices chatter.  She turns around to see if it came from another room in the house. The phone rings inside her room. She thinks that she doesn’t feel like answering it and that it would stop. The phone immediately stops ringing. She looks from one side to the other, wondering what just happened. She has to get out of her house. Now. (“Faded pictures on the wall/It's like they talkin' to me/Disconnectin' your call/Your phone don't even ring/I gotta get out/Or figure this shit out/It's too close for comfort.”)


             In the second pre-chorus, she adds that she has become something she doesn’t like. (“It's a thief in the night…it can control you/I feel like a monster.”)


           The chorus is sung again.


           In the bridge, she has begun to seek out witches and asking if them if they could help her. For the past month, she has kept her newfound powers a secret.But there have been some close calls, too. However, each witch tells her there is no spell to cure her.(“Release me from this curse I'm in/I've been trying to maintain/But I'm struggling/You can't go, go, go/I think I'm going to oh, oh, oh.”)


         The chorus is sung again to end the single.


       Rihanna’s canny vocals have transitioned. She’s assures people that she’s ok, she still has her human qualities. However, she fights the predator within her everyday as she tries not to eat her friends. 


       The  cunning  “Disturbia” is a time bomb waiting to wreak some havoc, conveniently during November sweeps. 



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