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Published on September 16, 2014 By Dusk411 In Music

Kylie Minogue

Got To Be Certain

Album: Kylie

Year: 1988


            Kylie Minogue is cautious when it comes to sex in the reasonable “Got To Be Certain.”


               Easygoing synths open the single, setting a nonconfrontional tone.  In the chorus, she isn’t going to get sleep with with someone unless it’s a real love. She had too many guys promise her the world and then leave her with nothing. Getting a disappointed multiple times has taken its toll. (“I've got to be/Got to be certain/I've got to be so sure/I've had my share of hearts broken/And I don't wanna take that any more.”)


               Her boyfriend wants to know if he’s doing something wrong or if there is any he can he ease her fears. She says they have the rest of their lives to make major decisions. She likes him but she has still has some misgivings. They have known each other for a couple months. However, they haven’t been tested yet. She has to know she can rely on him when times get tough. She tells him she needs some more time. (“You keep on asking me/Why can't we be together/I keep saying won't you wait a while/What's all the hurry/I thought we had forever/I just need time 'til I can make up my mind/I'm not asking for/A love to last forever/I don't expect to get a guarantee/It's just that I believe/Lovers should stick together/I'm only saying/Won't you wait for me.”)


            The chorus is sung again.


          She explains to him most of her girlfriends have been used by ex-boyfriends for sex. She wants to be able to figure out if he’s interested in her or what he can get. She tells him waiting a couple weeks more won’t be a big deal if he truly cares for her. (“I've got some friends who say/Boys are all the same/They're only looking out for just one thing/I'm only hoping that/You won't turn out like that/I need some time 'til I can make up my mind/Been hurt in love before/But I still come back for more/I was such a fool/I couldn't stop myself/If you believe in me/If you want our love to be/I know you'll wait for me.”)


             The chorus is sung again.


             She “oh oh’s” during the bridge.


           The chorus is sung twice again to end the single.


          Minogue’s forthcoming vocals won’t succumb to the needling from her boyfriend. In a kind manner, she tells him it’s not going to happen anytime too soon and to back off. To her, sex is still a big deal and he has to respect it. Today, these types of songs are a rarity. In pop music, women want sex all the time. In turn, it’s easy to forget that women have a choice in their sexuality and are simply not there to put themselves on display. She’s not ready. If he  can’t accept it, she knows she done the right thing.



          The  principled  “Got To Be Certain” stands by its decision, giving well-thought answers to otherwise tough questions.



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