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Christina Aguilera

Not Myself Tonight

Album: Bionic

Year: 2010


           Christina Aguilera experiments being a dominatrix in the  vampish  “Not Myself Tonight.”


             Cryptic synths open the single, setting a lurking tone.  In the intro, she slips on her mask before stepping inside the club. The erotica she’s been reading has made her want to explore. She wonders if the persona fits her. However, she wants to discover a new part of herself. She really doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. (“You know/Tonight I'm feeling a little out of control/Is this me?/You want to get crazy?/Because I don't give a ow!”)


               Clad in form-fitting leather with just enough material to cover the necessary parts, no one would recongnize her even if they knew her. If her friends saw her, they’d be shocked. She’s usually the young woman in the casual t-shirt and comfy jeans. (“I'm out of character/I'm in rare form/And if you really know me/You know it's not the norm.”)


           In the pre-chorus, she’s slapping men on the butt with her club. She prowls across the dance floor. It’s liberating and if someone is judging her, then they will get a piece of her mind. (“Because I'm doing things I normally won't do/The old me's gone/I feel brand new/And if you don't like it fuck you.”)


              In the chorus, she’s jumping up and down to the music. When she’s with her friends, she stays behind at the table and drinks. She may join them on the dance floor but only to talk. (“The music's on and I'm dancing/I'm normally in the corner just standing/I'm feeling unusual/I don't care cause this my night/I'm not myself tonight/
Tonight I'm not the same girl, same girl/I'm not myself tonight/Tonight I'm not the same girl, same girl.”)


              She wrings her mouth after the tequila shot. She really felt it burn in her throat. She’s given another and drinks it right away. Then, she returns to the dancefloor. She’s having a great time. A guy comes up to her and she immediately kisses him. A woman grabs her waist and she turns around, giving her a kiss. She can’t believe she’s doing all this. (“I'm dancing a lot/And I'm taking shots/And I'm feeling fine/I'm kissing all the boys and the girls/Someone call the doctor cause I lost my mind.”)


            The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.


              In the bridge, she says tomorrow she will resume being the sweet young woman living in her apartment with her labrador retriever. (“In the morning/When I wake up/I'll go back to the girl I used to be/But, baby, not tonight.”)


            The chorus is sung again.


            In the final section, she comments that she would do it all over again. (“Yeah, that feels good/I needed that/Yeah/Get crazy/Uh/Let's go/That's right/Come on/Uh, yeah/Give it to me now/Don't stop/Uh, yeah.”)


           Aguilera’s feline vocals slither lightly, her presence only known by her glowing eyes in the dark. She sheds her shy wallflower image in the song with a single random spanking. While she isn’t going to dress in chaps around her house, she will deftinely take it as a learning experience.


          The virgin/whore dynamic is turned on the head. Sex is something where she has limited experience. However, by trying out a costume for a night she is able to get past her issues and become comfortable with it. Tomorrow, she has become far more sexually awakened by her overall personality hasn’t changed.


         The luscious  “Not Myself Tonight” is into exploration, discarding the labels.

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