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Lionel Richie & Diana Ross

Endless Love

Album: Endless Love sdtk

Year: 1981


             Lionel Richie, as David and Diana Ross, as Jade lead to a pivotal moment in their relationship in the  twee  “Endless Love.”



                A maudlin piano opens the single, setting a moony tone. The singer, with her ballad, connected to him immediately. Jade’s the only person he wants to be with. Jade, however, lives for him and wants to lose her virginity to him. For David, she will always be the only one. (“My love, there's only you in my life/The only thing that's bright/My first love/You're every breath that I take/You're every step I make/And I/I want to share/All my love with you/No one else will do.”)


                 In the chorus, as they consummate their love, they look into each other’s eyes. They have truly find their one and only. (“And your eyes/Your eyes, your eyes/They tell me how much you care/Oh yes, you will always be/My endless love.”)


               They are spending all their time together. He thinks of her while doing homework. She can’t sleep and is willing to defy her father. (“Two hearts/Two hearts that beat as one/Our lives have just begun/Forever/I'll hold you close in my arms/I can't resist your charms/And love/Oh, love/I'll be a fool/For you/I'm sure/You know I don't mind/Oh, you know I don't mind.”)


                  In the second chorus, they believe they are destined together. (“'Cause you/You mean the world to me/I know/I know/I've found in you/My endless love.”)


                In the bridge, they “oh” and “boom” to the music.


               Part of the second verse is sung again. (“Oh and love/Oh, love/I'll be that fool/For you/I'm sure/You know I don't mind/Oh you know/I don't mind.”)


              In the final chorus, they once again promise eternal devotion. (“And, yes/You'll be the only one/'Cause no one can deny/This love I have inside/And I'll give it all to you/My love/My love, my love/My endless love.”)


            Richie paints David in a mature, tender light. It is the opposite of his character in the movie. For what is essentially a teen romance movie, Richie is far too adult.


             Ross, though, is as innocent and true to Jade. David is her entire being and he can do wrong, no matter how creepy or twisted he gets.


               The disjointed “Endless Love” seems to be for an entirely different movie.



Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey

Endless Love

Album: Songs

Year: 1994


                  Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey fall in love in the imiative              “Endless Love”



                        All lyrics remain intact. Vandross and Carey follow the same back and forth as Richie and Ross.


                  The only addition is a horn in the second verse and a guitar in the bridge. Thankfully, Vandross and Carey “do do” and “woo” rather than “boom.”


                  Vandross and Carey are an equal match. Fortunately, they have the benefit of not being associated with the characters from the movie. They are two adults who have had reached the first “I love you” in their relationship instead.


                   The similar “Endless Love” has a slightly different feel but doesn’t try anything new.



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