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Published on January 31, 2015 By Dusk411 In Music

Kelly Clarkson

Heartbeat Song

Album: Piece By Piece

Year: 2015


                Kelly Clarkson has a crush for the first time in a couple years in the                  sluggish “Heartbeat Song.”


                     Part of the chorus starts the single. At home, she puts on the happiest music she can find in her collection and relieves flirting with her crush. (“This is my heartbeat song and I'm gonna play it/Been so long I forgot how to turn it/Up, up, up, up all night long/Oh, up, up all night long.”)



                     A jubilant guitar jumps up and down, setting a cheery tone.


                   She was getting herself another glass of wine when he approached her. He began talking about a great winery he visited. It turns out she had gone to the same place a couple weeks before with some friends. He’s not like the other guys she usually dates, which intrigues her. She had dealt with a major heartbreak but around him, the feeling disappears. She feels healed. She added him on her Facebook page this morning and she can’t wait to talk to him again. It’s as though any moment her life could change. (“You, where the hell did you come from?/You're a different, different kind of fun/And I'm so used to feeling numb/Now I got pins and needles on my tongue/Anticipating what's to come/Like a finger on a loaded gun.”)


                 In the pre-chorus, it’s been a year since she felt anything for anybody. No urge to flirt or put herself out there. She was ok being on her own. (“I can feel it rising/Temperature inside me/Haven't felt it for a long time.”)


                  The full chorus is sung. She dances in her room, enjoying the moment. (“This is my heartbeat song and I'm gonna play it/Been so long I forgot how to turn it/Up, up, up, up all night long/Oh, up, up all night long/This is my heartbeat song and I'm gonna play it/Turned it on, but I know you can take it/Up, up, up, up all night long/Oh, up, up all night long, all night long.”)


               She was debating to go the party. However, she hadn’t seen her friend in a while and decided to go. After meeting her new crush, she can’t believe she almost stayed home. She would’ve missed out on something life changing. (“I, I wasn't even gonna go out/But I never would have had a doubt/If I'd have known where I I'd be now.”)


              In the second pre-chorus, their first date went really well. During their goodnight kiss, she feels the electricity running through her. She doesn’t want to let him go. (“Your hands on my hips/And my kiss on your lips/Oh, I could do this for a long time.”)


                  In the bridge, she had hoped to meet someone like him. Now, she wonders how she ever lived without him. She’s known him for only a short while and he’s already changed her. (“Until tonight I only dreamed about you/I can't believe I'll ever breathe without you/Baby you make me feel alive and brand new/Bring it one more time, one more time.”)


                         The chorus is sung twice to end the single.


                       Clarkson is logical regarding her heart. She’s in love but really cautious, contradicting the lyrics. She seems to be in angst mode for some reason. She can be cute and blissful (“I Want You and “Ready”). However, it’s not being brought out in her here.


                 The plodding   “Heartbeat Song” thinks with its head.

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