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Published on February 25, 2015 By Dusk411 In Music

Mariah Carey


Album: Mariah Carey

Year: 1991


          Mariah Carey knows her ex-boyfriend will regret leaving her in the classic          “Someday.”


               Assuring synths open the single, setting a grateful tone. He told her he was in love, just not in love with her. He said that she deserved better and she would find someone worthy of her love. She let him say his spiel and figured he met someone else. Sure enough, she was right. His new girlfriend may give him the status he desperately thinks he needs. However, she believes he will be thinking of her the entire time. (“You were so blind to let me go/You had it all but did not know/No one you find will ever be/Closer to all your dreams than me/Believing the grass would be greener/You told yourself I just don't need her now/But I know you'll soon discover/You're never satisfied with any other.”)


                In the chorus, she expects a phone call from him in the near future, asking how she’s doing and if they could talk. As far as she concerned, he can start counting the years of no contact. (“Someday, oh someday/The one you gave away will be the only one you're wishing for/Someday hey, hey/Boy, you're going to pay because baby I'm the one who's keeping score.”)


                He’ll eventually see the social climbing will lead nowhere. He’ll feel empty as each girl he dates has the exact personality, style and dreams. He’ll wonder what his life has come to and that’s when he’ll look her up. But she won’t pay attention. He’s going to have live with his mistake. (“You'll change your mind and call my name/As soon as you find they're all the same/And when you find yourself alone/Don't come back crying you should have known/Believe me I'm not pretending/It's not hard to predict this ending now/Because I know you'll soon discover/You're needing me in spite of all the others.”)


               The chorus is sung twice.

               In the bridge, he’s arrogant, thinking he’ll be on top of the world forever. But it won’t always be that way. It’ll be her that springs to her mind when the good times are over. By then, though, she’s going to be long gone. (“Now now now, you just can't conceive/That there'll never come a time when you're cold and lonely/Baby how could you ever believe/That another could replace me the one and only/And when your down and your time in need/And you're thinking bout how you might be coming back to hold me just think again because I don't need your love anymore.”)

           The chorus is sung three times to end the single.


         Carey handles the rejection from with the right amount of ambivalence and indifference. She cares to see what happens to him but not enough to actually contact him ever again. She’s glad to be away from him.


                  The delicious “Someday” will gets its revenge.

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