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Britney Spears

…Baby One More Time

Album: …Baby One More Time

Year: 1998


            Britney Spears wishes she hadn’t broken up with her ex-boyfriend in the recongnizable         “…Baby One More Time.”


           Pouting synths open the single, setting a yearning tone. Her new boyfriend won’t return her calls. She remembers her ex would call her back right away. Now, she realizes she took him for him for granted and made a mistake. She hasn’t talked to him in months. (“Oh baby baby/How was I supposed to know/That something wasn't right here/Oh baby baby/I shouldn't have let you go/And now you're out of sight yeah.”)


             In the pre-chorus, she says she’s willing to do whatever he asks.  (“Show me how you want it to be/Tell me baby cause I need to know now oh because.”)


            In the chorus, she says she’s lost without him and thinks they still have a chance. One look from him would be enough for her to start talking to him again. (“My loneliness is killing me/I must confess I still believe/When I'm not with you I lose my mind/Give me a sign/Hit me baby one more time.”)


             He was her best friend. He’s the only person she can see. She thought she would break up with him, get over it and find someone else better. But that didn’t happen. (“Oh baby baby/The reason I breathe is you/Boy you got me blinded/Oh pretty baby/There's nothing that I wouldn't do/It's not the way I planned it.”)


                  The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.


                 Ini the bridge, she reiterates everything she’s already said. (“Oh baby, baby how was I supposed to know/Oh pretty baby, I shouldn't have let you go/I must confess, that my loneliness is killing me now/Don't you know I still believe/That you will be here/And give me a sign/Hit me baby one more time.”)


                   The chorus is sung twice to end the single.


                 Spears’ girlish vocals are in her prime here. It’s also telling, given the song was originally to TLC, how she seems to mimic the way it was supposed to sound with them.


           The  important “…Baby One More Time” has become less of a song and more of a symbol of the late 90s. The discussions alone about the video are reason enough.

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