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Published on April 6, 2015 By Dusk411 In Music

Katy Perry

Teenage Dream

Album: Teenage Dream

Year: 2010


            Katy Perry has met the love of her life in the blushing  “Teenage Dream.”


          A giddy synth open the single, setting a glimmering tone.  She hears the buzzer and runs to it. She tells him to give her a couple minutes to freshen up. He tells her not to worry about it. She’s beauitful and doesn’t need it. She smiles to herself and buzzes him in. Once he gets in. she tells him she has a joke to him. In the middle of it, he starts giggling as she tries to figure out how it went. He laughs and pulls her close to him. Usually, she would worry that her boyfriend thought she was dumb. But with him, she can get something wrong and have it not be a big deal. For years, she had a nagging inside her – that she wasn’t good enough and she wasn’t worthy of a healthy relationship. However, he showed her it was possible. He gave her hope. (“You think I'm pretty/Without any makeup on/You think I'm funny/When I tell the punch line wrong/I know you get me/So I'll let my walls come down, down/Before you met me/I was alright/But things were kind of heavy/You brought me to life/Now every February/You'll be my valentine, valentine.”)


             In the pre-chorus, tonight will be their first time with each other. She truly loves him. With him, they laugh, play and have a strong friendship. (“Let's go all the way tonight/No regrets, just love/We can dance until we die/You and I, we'll be young forever.”)


              In the chorus, it’s as though she’s falling in love for the very first time. It’s innocent and without any issues that usually arise in relationships. It’s pure. (“You make me feel like/I'm living a teenage dream/The way you turn me on/I can't sleep, let's run away/And don't ever look back/Don't ever look back/My heart stops when you look at me/Just one touch, now baby I believe/This is real, so take a chance/And don't ever look back/Don't ever look back.”)


               She’s been looking forward to their road trip for a long time. On the way there, they got lost somewhere in Nevada. But it was so much fun. She was yelling at the GPS voice and he didn’t know where to stop. Once they got there, they found a beach and drank all day, soaking in sun. Later that night, they made love. She’s at peace with herself, knowing she has found the right person. (“We drove to Cali/And got drunk on the beach/Got a motel and/Built a fort out of sheets/I finally found you/My missing puzzle piece/I'm complete.”)


             The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.

              In the bridge, she fins her favorite pair of jeans, which he also likes. They hug her every curve and he compliments her every time she wears them. (“I'mma get your heart racing/In my skin-tight jeans/Be your teenage dream tonight/Let you put your hands on me/In my skin-tight jeans/Be your teenage dream tonight (Tonight, tonight, tonight...)”


              The chorus and bridge are sung again to end the single.


              Perry is in awe of her boyfriend. He’s saved her from feeling empty and frozen. He’s given her a new persceptive on her life. He’s who exactly she needs. She didn’t know what she did to get him but she’s glad to have him.


             The blossoming “Teenage Dream” glows with newfound happiness.

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