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Dirty Vegas

Walk Into The Sun

Album: One

Year: 2004


                   Steve Smith wonders how he live without the love of his life in the reflective “Walk Into the Sun.”


              A ruminating guitar opens the single, setting a burdened tone. He can’t relate to people. He doesn’t feel as though they understand what he’s going through. His girlfriend is gone. Multiple other girls have paraded through his home and none of them have stayed. (“Lately I've been feeling different /Like I've come from outer space /And I know there's something missing /When it's you I can't replace.”)


               In the chorus, he steps onto the beach in the morning to watch the sun rise. It peeks a little before fully reaching the sky. He wonders if this how the rest of his day will be. (“And as I walk into the sun /And as I stare across this ocean/And as I start a brand new day/Will my life ever be the same again?”)


                    He gets a call from one of old drinking buddies. They want to know if he’ll go out with them tonight. And it’s how it will start: soon, he’ll be out every night and broke. He needs her around him to keep his demons at bay. (“And up ahead they're in the distance/Shadows coming through the haze/And you're the only one that listens/To help me break loose from these chains.”)


         The chorus is sung three times to end the single.


         Smith is angsty and subdued as he contemplates his fate. But the music has another idea. Somehow, it seems to be perfect for Ryan Tedder to cover for OneRepublic. OneRepublic would give the song the little extra punch.


         The quiet “Walk Into The Sun” has all the elements but somehow needs to have a bigger personality.

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