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Published on June 3, 2015 By Dusk411 In Music

Maroon 5

Makes Me Wonder

Album: It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

Year: 2007


            Adam Levine realizes he didn’t care much for his ex-girlfriend in the               conflicted “Makes Me Wonder.”


                 A fraught guitar opens the single, setting a disconcerted tone.    He rubs his head. He really shouldn’t have slept with his ex-girlfriend last night. He ran her while at the bar. They ended up talking and then he made out with her. It led them back to his place. The sex was great. She’s been gone for a couple hours already. She told him she’ll call him later. They can talk about what happened. But he knows not to put much faith in it. (“I wake up with blood-shot eyes/Struggled to memorize/The way it felt between your thighs/Pleasure that made you cry/Feels so good to be bad/Not worth the aftermath, after that/After that/Try to get you back.”)


              In the chorus, he can’t tell her how he actually feels about her. She’d rather hang out with her friends or has something important to do for work. As he reevalutes the relationships, he remembers how he didn’t miss her all that much when she was gone. He needs more than sex and promises. If she does call,  he’s thinking of not answering it. It won’t change anything. (“I still don't have the reason/And you don't have the time/And it really makes me wonder/If I ever gave a fuck about you/Give me something to believe in/Cause I don't believe in you anymore/Anymore/I wonder if it even makes a difference to try (Yeah)/So this is goodbye.”)


                      He heaves over the sink. She still hasn’t called. He thinks he should’ve told her of how much she means to him. They have a chance. He really does want to be with her. He’s willing to help break down her walls. (“God damn my spinning head/Decisions that made my bed/Now I must lay in it/And deal with things I've left unsaid/I want to dive into you/Forget what you're going through/I get behind, make your move/Forget about the truth.”)


              The  chorus is sung again.

              In the bridge, they’ve hooked up sometime last year and the same thing happened. Finally, she calls him and he says he wants to get back together. She tells him he knows it isn’t true. (“I've been here before/One day I'll wake up/And it won't hurt anymore/You caught me in a lie/I have no alibi/The words you say don't have a meaning/Cause.”)


               The chorus is sung again to end the single.

                Levine is confused. He wavers back and forth between what he feels. She can sense it. Their on-and-off-relationship wears on him and he just wants to be over it. At this point, it isn’t worth it despite his feelings for her. Plus, Levine isn’t forcing the falsetto.  At this point, he does give Justin Timberlake some competition. It's too bad he folded.


               The ruffled  “Makes Me Wonder” is a reminder of much better days.

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